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Kathleen Chapman has worked with children’s ministries for thirty years. She lives in San Clemente, California, teaching musical theater in churches and schools and speaking at camps, retreats, conferences and M.O.P.S. gatherings. Kathleen has produced and directed children’s musical recordings for Focus on the Family and published several books on children’s drama.

Here’s what people are saying about …


Her speaking events …

“You taught me more in 45 minutes about teaching kids about God than I have ever heard in my life.”

“I laughed, I cried, I wish I could start all over with parenting my elementary aged kids. Thank God you are here now to help me with my 1-year-old twins.”

“I came to MOPS this morning just to get away from the kids for a couple hours. (They have childcare.) I never dreamed I’d re-evaluate my relationship with God today. Thank you so much for teaching us the truth from your heart.”

“Thank you for your humor! I heard you are funny, but I never expected to learn life-changing lessons like I did this morning, wow, I’m so glad I came.”

“I never really understood temperaments until I heard you speak last Tuesday. My husband and I took the test when we got married, but it never made sense until now! Thank you for your wisdom and insight. They better invite you back!”


Her musical theater events …

“When I’m receiving my Oscar someday, the first person I’ll thank is Kathleen Chapman. As I’m becoming a professional in theater and entertainment, I give much recognition and gratitude to Kathleen Chapman and her musical theater training for teaching me how to glorify God in such a secular industry – teaching me how to use my talent and love for performing as a gift for my Heavenly Father.” R.R., Wicked Cast Member

“Working with Kathleen was a blast! She was so much more than a director – her contagious laughter, love for the theater, Miss Piggy fascination, and fabulous high heels always made her famous in my eyes.”

“Kathleen is really part magician… she can take a room full of wiggly, giggly bodies and transform them into accomplished, confident performers in a matter of weeks! Her energy and love of children’s theater is contagious, and she empowers children (and their families!) to believe in themselves. She makes every child feel like they’re a star!”

“I have been thrilled to have my daughter involved with this Theater Group. Seeing Kristen shine on the stage and knowing that she’s learning to creatively share her faith with others through drama has been a double blessing!


Her book Teaching Kids Authentic Worship


“I started reading this book to teach worship to my grandchildren. After all I was raised in the church and a Christian school, what did I need to learn? I needed to learn WORSHIP! I realize that I was doing some worship but it was all related to what God had done for me. I have learned to just worship God for who He is. What a wonderful blessing it has been. Recommend this for everyone.”

“AWESOME!!! The title should be “Teaching kids/adults Authentic Worship”. What a blessing! This book teaches why worship, what worship really is, how and when to worship. Last but not least the book teaches how to teach worship to kids so that they understand it on their level.”

“Kathleen Chapman has a simple, yet profound way of communicating. Her research and expertise on why children move from God, jarred my senses. I also appreciated the easy-to-practice Worship Moments found at the book’s end. This book is a must for all who have children in their lives.”

“I read almost everything I can get my hands on concerning children and worship due to my job as a director of children’s ministries. Kathleen Chapman digs deep into what worship REALLY is, not just for children, but adults as well. This easy-to-read book is deep and thought provoking without being hard to digest and full of two-dollar words. It gave me a fresh approach to explaining worship to my kids (and how I should view it myself). I recommend it particularly to pastors, children’s directors, and worship committee chairpersons.”