Hello World!

Hi there. I’m Kathleen and I’m crazy about kids. I’ve been called a Kid Expert, a title I love and gladly accept.


My passion is to develop confidence in kids and parents by helping them discover their unique talents and abilities.

I am an author and playwright. I create, produce and direct kids musical theatre for churches and schools.

I conduct summer drama camps where I put kids on stage and watch as their lives are transformed in the space of a week. It’s an amazing thing.

It’s my passion to help kids discover who they are by embracing their natural talents.

I am also passionate about temperaments, the unique personality that each person is born with. You are going to be amazed ….

A frequent speaker at MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) groups, I love to help moms discover why their kids do what they do, and how to motivate them according to their temperaments. Yes, even babies have discernible temperaments. How cool is that.

As a motivational speaker, I travel extensively, keynoting for conferences, churches and other events large and small.

My blog will touch on everything relating to kids, family, temperaments, kids’ musical theater, my faith and authentic worship.

I live in Southern California with my husband Duane. And if you think my three adult kids and spouses might be amazing, just wait until you hear about my ten grandkids.

I can’t wait for us to become friends. That’s because I believe we’ve been created for relationship. I thrive on feedback and hearing from you. Look below: Do you see a place where you can make a comment? It’s there for a reason—so you can join the conversation! Thanks in advance.

Now, before you leave look up to the right. See that? I want to give you a FREE copy of my eBook, YOU: Red, Yellow, Green or Blue? Just fill in your name and email address and I’ll send you a link to get it. It’s my gift.

Please, share this with your friends and family. Mastering the temperaments may be the best thing that all of you will ever do for your relationships.



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