Hello World!

Hi there. I’m Kathleen and I’m crazy about kids. I’ve been called a Kid Expert, a title I love and gladly accept.


My passion is to develop confidence in kids and parents by helping them discover their unique talents and abilities.

I am an author and playwright. I create, produce and direct kids musical theatre for churches and schools.

I conduct summer drama camps where I put kids on stage and watch as their lives are transformed in the space of a week. It’s an amazing thing.

It’s my passion to help kids discover who they are by embracing their natural talents.

I am also passionate about temperaments, the unique personality that each person is born with. You are going to be amazed ….

A frequent speaker at MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) groups, I love to help moms discover why their kids do what they do, and how to motivate them according to their temperaments. Yes, even babies have discernible temperaments. How cool is that.

As a motivational speaker, I travel extensively, keynoting for conferences, churches and other events large and small.

My blog will touch on everything relating to kids, family, temperaments, kids’ musical theater, my faith and authentic worship.

I live in Southern California with my husband Duane. And if you think my three adult kids and spouses might be amazing, just wait until you hear about my ten grandkids.

I can’t wait for us to become friends. That’s because I believe we’ve been created for relationship. I thrive on feedback and hearing from you. Look below: Do you see a place where you can make a comment? It’s there for a reason—so you can join the conversation! Thanks in advance.

Now, before you leave look up to the right. See that? I want to give you a FREE copy of my eBook, YOU: Red, Yellow, Green or Blue? Just fill in your name and email address and I’ll send you a link to get it. It’s my gift.

Please, share this with your friends and family. Mastering the temperaments may be the best thing that all of you will ever do for your relationships.



P.S. See the categories above in the menu bar (white buttons with blue text “Kids,” “Home & Family” … )? If you click on those you might think something is wrong. But not to worry. All is well. Because this is my first blog post, I have no archived posts yet. But you just wait! Soon there will be many posts, all categorized and handy for future reference. While you’re looking around, go ahead and click on the yellow menu bar way at the top!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • Mary Hunt

    Congratulations on your new website. It looks amazing!

  • Sarah Pelichowski

    I wouldnt have made it through childhood/teen years without you! You have such a gift now that I look back on all that you have done in my life and my families! Love You XOXOXOXO

  • Tish DeKeno

    Thank you for modeling the importance of children. You have shown us what children’s ministries could be within the church and, Gene and I, would not be where we are today without your guidance, trust, and faith in us. Thank you for sharing your talents and wisdom with children, parents, and leaders!

  • Cindy Anderson

    My gang (13-year old quadruplets) have been on stage/theatre with Kathleen since they were 4 years old. They have learned so many things from her….and me too! My favorite advice I’ve ever received from Kathleen is, “Motherhood isn’t a popularity contest.” Thankfully, that was early on and I’ve made the tough choices keeping that in mind! Looking forward to all your posts, Kathleen! We Love You!!!!!!!

  • Judy Taylor Beck

    I love your web site! Being there when your kids were born and watching them grow up gives credibility to what you say! Keep on keeping on!

  • Linda Hart

    So glad you discovered which color you are. It’s pretty evident, and you are a treasure to soooo many parents and grandparents, husbands and wives and single persons. Gee, I guess that just about covers everybody! You go girlfriend! God bless you real good. xoxo Linda Hart

  • Jodi Matossian

    What a refreshing surprise in my inbox this morning! Sometimes there is so much noise in my life, a good dose of you, your wisdom, and your fabulous picture made my heart smile this morning. Tom

  • Kellie Franz

    Cool blog! I am excited to read more. You are such a cool gal!

  • Lisa Stedman

    Great idea! I too am pationate about kids and parenting and love it when wonderful information is shared!
    Best to you and your efforts!