CLASSROOM Temperaments!

My five-year-old Mark sobbed the first day of kindergarten, and clung to my leg as the classroom door opened to welcome all the new children to school. I was so proud.

Very few other children were hesitant about going into class the first day, yet my son was clinging to my leg, as if leaving me would ruin his life forever. Secretly (As a YELLOW mom) I was loving every minute. It was obvious he did not want to leave his wonderful mom.


After 15 minutes of softly whispering in his ear of my undying love for him, and bribing him with an ice cream cone right after school, our middle child finally sat quietly at his new blue desk and I was able to leave.

Outside the classroom several sensitive moms attempted to console me, assuring me little Mark would be fine once the day resumed. I let them encourage me, even though I knew perfectly well he would indeed be fine. I watched through the window, and he had already made a couple friends the first five minutes.

Of course you want every child to have a positive experience in school. This experience looks differently with each temperament.

Here are a few things for which you can expect as the year continues:

YELLOW kids tend to be emotional and dramatic- in the moment. Our Mark’s temperament is primarily YELLOW. YELLOWS love attention and enjoy an audience for any reason. Don’t get me wrong, this is not to say he wasn’t nervous about leaving me the first day of school. We had talked about it for weeks before, so he would know exactly what to expect. However, he simply acted out as a YELLOW– emotional – in the moment– because everything wasn’t exactly as he had anticipated. YELLOWS need to have fun at school!

BLUE children are serious and the most sensitive, usually reacting differently under the same situation. A BLUE child may be fearful, may cry at home or in the car, but they do not create scenes in public. BLUES do not enjoy everyone looking at them. They feel things the deepest of all four temperaments and require extra “handling with care”. Because BLUES are usually quieter, be sure you talk with them every day, being certain things are fine at school. BLUES need to be appreciated at school.

GREEN children are so delightful and easy, they usually enjoy whatever plans you make for them- even the first day of school. However, GREENS don’t do well with change, so do your preparation- letting them know what changes to expect in school. If you have taken special care that your GREENS are comfortable in their school clothes, school should run smoothly for them all year. GREENS need to get along peacefully at school.

RED kids are the strong leaders and let you know what they want and need for school. They are usually self starters, but tend to run everything from the teachers to the other kids. REDS need strong guidance to channel their energy appropriately. You want them to succeed without hurting other students along the way. REDS are the leaders of tomorrow, and need avenues where they can lead successfully at school and home. Work with your REDS on learning RESPECT at home first, as well as at school. REDS need to be right. (They think!)

Whatever your child’s temperament, it reacts differently to each adult/teacher in their life.

Do you know the temperament of your child’s teacher? This information may make or break your child’s interest in school this year!

To be Continued!

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