When is Your Anniversary?

Today is our anniversary. It is the anniversary of the day we became engaged to be married. Happy anniversary to us!


April 1969, my then boyfriend of nearly four years, arrived home for a two week leave from the Viet Nam conflict. I picked him up at LAX and he drove my car to his aunt’s house in Gardena, CA. where he would be staying on his furlough.

His aunt and uncle were still at work; so, Duane actually climbed into an unlocked window, and let me in through the front door. Once inside, he turned on the stereo, playing soft romantic music, got down on one knee next to my chair and told me of his undying love. He pulled a miniscule diamond ring from his pocket.

Would I marry him? Of course! It was a glorious day. (Yes, I was a mere child.)

Now you understand why this day should be celebrated! It was a day from which fairy tales are made.

Naturally, I have already commemorated the anniversaries of our first date, first kiss, first break-up, first serious conversation, first make-up, first marriage talk and first fight.

In the process, I have come to realize anniversaries mean much more to women than they mean to men. At least they mean more to THIS woman.

This morning, for example, I yelled, “Happy Anniversary” into the bathroom as Duane was getting ready for the day. He responded with, “Thank you.” I am certain he has no idea what anniversary I am talking about, nor does he care. However, he asked if we should “Go out to dinner and celebrate?” Bless his heart. He has become accustomed to my quirks.

I have always been a date minded person. I remember special occasions in my life as monumental steps forward leading me into the person I am today.

Tooth loss, conversion, baptism, first crush, awards, graduation, more awards, milestones, first dates are all huge positive events in my life.  I enjoy celebrating the anniversaries of every one.

Possibly, this has something to do with my being a YELLOW temperament who loves any reason for a party. Yes, anniversaries are good reasons for parties!

I am married to a sensitive BLUE who is kind enough to humor me with all my anniversaries and go along with it- just because he loves me! This is one of many reasons this marriage has successfully lasted 46 years.

My parents were married on the 19th of November, 1941. For nearly 50 years, they celebrated on the 19th of every month -throughout each year – because it had been a significant day to them. I clearly remember the last anniversary they spent together. Dad was in the hospital. Mom brought a bottle of sparkling cider and champagne glasses, to his bedside, and they toasted a lifetime of 19s they had spent together.

Our wedding anniversary is in January. I have never had to remind Duane ahead of time regarding this anniversary… he has remembered every year.

Anniversaries mean different things to different people; but, do yourself a favor and invest, with your spouse, in the areas that mean the most to the two of you.  It will pay huge dividends in the end!

A fun book on keeping anniversaries exciting, along with other times is a book by Randy Southern, (intro by Gary Chapman), 52 Uncommon Dates!

Come to think of it, I think we will go out to dinner tonight, candlelight and all.




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