REDS Just Want to Help!

Of the four temperaments, I think REDS most often get a bad rap. Since this is my second temperament, I feel responsible to point out some great RED characteristics which may be sadly misunderstood by the general population.


Charles Schultz captures this temperament in the character of Lucy Van Pelt, from the Peanuts and Gang cartoon series. Charlie Brown’s dear friend, Lucy is characterized as strong, somewhat stubborn with a bossy personality. However, she is very bright and deep down has a soft side when it comes to those she loves.

Our RED granddaughter has potential, strength, spunk, and self confidence enough to be a future President of the United States – all this at 11 years old. The fact that she has fiery red hair is an added bonus. RED children are strong kids.

RED adults have an even more noticeably strong presence. Let me give you a perfect example. My girl friend and I were going for our monthly chai tea outing. She was driving. I was riding shotgun. When she pulled into the parking lot, my observant RED self pointed out the exact, perfect spot where she should park. She smiled as she sweetly said, “You know Kathleen, sometimes you come off a bit pushy.”

WHAT? I was stunned and explained to her how I enjoy being helpful at which, she broke into hysterical laughter.

“Helpful?”  She nearly crashed into the next car. After too many minutes of laughter, she settled down enough to explain, “Being the best friend of a RED has its trying moments.” I replied to my YELLOW/ GREEN friend, “Joyce, for goodness sake, spit it out! We have been best friends for 38 years. What do you mean?” She kindly explained that I seem abrupt and pushy at times. However, now that she understood I was simply trying to be helpful, her eyes are opened. She is thrilled with the new explanation of my behavior!

I am still trying to believe her.

REDS have been compared to ‘bulls in china closets’…but we truly mean well.

Yes, we REDS are extremely helpful, and so willing to share our opinions with others. We are also right, which gets us in such hot water if we are not careful. We make decisions in seconds, and answer questions quickly–unfortunately not always directed to us.

Truthfully, the REDS in our lives are usually the doctors, CEOs, CFOs, lawyers and yes, pastors to whom we go for help. There is a God-given strength in a RED temperament. Admittedly, we desperately need wisdom and insight, from those who love us, to gently remind us there are other people in the world capable of intelligent decision making as well.

May I officially thank all the YELLOWS, BLUES and GREENS of the world for loving us and sticking with us through thick and thin as we daily truly try to help others. For best results, REDS, at their very finest, need God in control of their temperament on a minute-to-minute basis.

Do you have a helpful RED in your life?

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