My Valentine is GREEN!

Understanding the Motive... Behind the Laundry!

I thought it would be fun to hear from wives with different temperaments. Today’s post is written by guest blogger (My sister) Susan Anderson, from Tacoma, Washington. Thank you Susan, for sharing insight on you – being BLUE – married to your wonderful GREEN husband!


True life conversation between a BLUE/RED wife and GREEN/YELLOW husband:

She: “But, WHY would you do that?” (Thinking to self, “I don’t believe this!”)

He: “Do what?” (Thinking to self. What is wrong?”)

She: “Why did you wash the kitchen towels with our soft bath towels?” (Thinking to self, “How long have we been married? He KNOWS how I do it.”)

He: “Because, they were all dirty and they were all in the laundry room?” (Thinking to self, “and, I thought, it would be nice to do the towels so you don’t always have to be the one doing them.”)

She: (Voice escalates): “But, you KNOW I wash the kitchen towels by themselves, with bleach, so they won’t smell and will stay white. (Thinking to self, “Does he really NOT know they should never be washed together? Can’t he SMELL the difference?”)

He: (Thinking, “How do I get out of this conversation? Who in the world SMELLS dirty towels?”) “I didn’t think it made that much difference. Honey, I certainly didn’t wash the towels together to upset you. I didn’t do it with malice of forethought!”

She: (Voice is now LOUD and RED is emerging) “ That is the problem. There was absolutely no forethought involved! Now, I have to re-wash all of the towels!”

He: (YELLOW emerging, Thinking to self, “Hmmm…that unattractive vein is popping out on her forehead, so I should probably not wash the towels together again. Yes, I am going to let those towels sit there dirty forever, and go watch some TV.”)

Some of you just laughed your way through the entire conversation. It may not be about the laundry, in your home; but, there might be similar scenarios playing that ring loud bells with you.

For those who remember the TV show, Tool Time, there was an episode about sponges. That’s right – SPONGES! Which sponge is used for what? What is the sequence of when and how they are to be used?  The mom was TOTALLY beside herself; because, the men in her family had used the sponges INCORRECTLY.

I laughed myself sick through the entire program! I thought it was hysterical; because, as a BLUE, I could SO relate!

Possibly, a few of you reading this are thinking, “This is the most absurd conversation I have ever heard. She needs to get a life.”

Others have started to have a slow burn while reading this; because – OH YES – you have experienced, and are even now feeling, the frustration!

I have found it is often the small, truly insignificant things, that push spouses over the edge. When we get into it with our spouses, over whatever, have you ever wanted to yell, “YOU SHOULD KNOW ME BY NOW?”

Often the situation has nothing to do with knowing the other person. I realize my behavior is based on WHO I AM. We see things based on how WE see them! There is nothing sinister intended!

Believe it or not, the wonderful, amazing thing about temperaments is that each color/temperament DOES THINK so differently about almost everything in life.

God, in His infinite wisdom, has woven creativity and originality into each of us. He made us to think independently, not robotically.

I SO love my GREEN Valentine.

Before entering into conflict with your spouses, over anything, stop and think of their temperament color combinations.  Yes, put yourself into their shoes.   When they don’t fit, first, be thankful.

Then, starting with, “Please,” ask them to explain their philosophies of … doing laundry.




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