How Do Others See You?

I have a YELLOW Friend!

My YELLOW friend has the natural ability to bring smiles. Typically, YELLOWS wake up happy and remain cheerful throughout most days.


YELLOWS are positive. They are fun. They are spontaneous. They enjoy most everything.  They do not take life too seriously…which, yes, sometimes slightly resembles naive immaturity.

This particular morning was quite foggy as my dear YELLOW friend and I headed to our coffeehouse by the beach for chai tea. My YELLOW companion did not notice the fog—about which, I was prepared to complain—but she remarked, “What a beautiful morning!”

There was a line of eight or nine people in front of us.  I had already wanted to go somewhere else when my YELLOW friend said, “So, do you like my new lipstick color?” I was immediately reminded of why we were there. We had wanted to spend some time together for a couple hours. I took a deep breath, ignored the increasingly slow line ahead, and zeroed in on the conversation with my friend.

Within one minute, my YELLOW friend had noticed the cute blouse on the woman in line in front of us. Within 10 seconds, becoming fast friends with her, she introduced me as if I was the third party.

The couple in front of her joined in the conversation as if they had been friends since childhood.  (Definitely two more YELLOWS!)

I found myself laughing at a comment that was not that funny. (I was in a RED mood for the first few minutes.)

Finally, we got our order and found a table in the corner. My YELLOW friend had spoken to almost everyone in the coffeehouse by now, including the barista, whom she complimented for doing such a fine job with the large crowd. He gave her extra whipped cream. Hey! I was the one who wanted the whipped cream!

YELLOWS oft times leave people feeling better than before they arrived! They see past the mundane and notice the sparkles in life. My friend is such a person.

It did not take long for my RED to fade as the morning progressed. There is never a dull moment with my YELLOW friend!

Our YELLOW granddaughter can be heard, in front of our house as she emerges from the car in our driveway, when her family comes to visit. She brings the sunshine with her when she comes through the door.

She greets us as if we had been apart for years, when we had seen her only last week. She bubbles as she describes school and talks about her dozens of friends. Life couldn’t get any better!

Her sisters roll their eyes, laughing, anticipating this behavior as perfectly normal for their YELLOW sister.

YELLOWS experience more DRAMA, more EXCITEMENT and more FUN with every new experience!

If this describes your child, (instead of a friend) and you are not YELLOW, you may feel differently about this “fun” part until they grow up.

However, as an adult, I truly appreciate and wholeheartedly enjoy having a YELLOW friend!

Read more about the YELLOW (actually all the four temperament colors), in your life, in Vicki Barnes’ “The Real You!

I would love for you to tell me about the color a friend or spouse from your viewpoint!


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