How Do Others See ME?

Okay, it is time I took a giant risk. After writing and speaking about different temperaments so often, I am allowing a dear friend (Joyce Scherer) to write about me and how she views MY temperament! Hang on, here it is!

My friend, whose name (Kathleen) will not be mentioned, is a YELLOW/RED, or RED/YELLOW temperament depending on the situation.


Throughout our very long friendship, I have laughed until I tumbled from a chair; hidden beyond walls and bushes as she ‘YELLOWED her way through numerous antics; and, wanted to pummel her when the RED reared its pushy self.

May I just explain, I am a lovely GREEN/YELLOW.  By now, you understand the GREEN/YELLOW personality is, by far, the nicest and best. We are easy-going (unless made crazy by a RED), and just so much fun in social situations. 

That takes me to my friendship with the afore mentioned color combo. As you know, REDS are always right. They have the answer to 99.9% of any situation. Or, so they think. A bull in a China shop might be an apt description. Weighing their words is not an option because their words are always right.

A few years ago, my friend’s RED made me see red! The scene was common for us: I was driving and she was the usual ‘backseat’ driver. I was circling a store’s lot looking for a parking spot…

She was directing me, or nagging me, about how and where to park.

However, this day my GREEN exploded.

“Why can’t you just sit there and be quiet! I know how to park!” I bellowed.

 She looked at me in total surprise and replied honestly, “I was just trying to help.” 

And, there you have it – my moment of clarity. She really did think she was just being a helpful passenger. Then, both our YELLOWS kicked in and we howled with laughter.

Our YELLOWS have taken us into many ‘Lucy and Ethel’ situations – she more the Lucy, I the Ethel. For instance, her YELLOW is smitten with celebrities. Trust me. However, her RED will stalk them until she makes contact one way or another. My favorite: We were in a Los Angeles underground parking structure. While walking to our car, she spotted an agreeably famous actor waiting for his ride. I knew, immediately, she was going in for the kill. I took off for the nearest cement pillar where I was unseen, but could still witness the entire interaction.

“Oh my gosh,” she gushed, “You are amazing and I love all your movies.” Well, he was gracious, although backing up with each of her words. Then, the best part, she tells him which is her favorite movie.  

Now, this actor has done a ton of films, many very good. However, she selects his worst B-rated movie, ever! Well, I know this, and his expression reveals he knows it too. The only one oblivious to this is my YELLOW/RED friend…who could, regrettably, think of no other movie to mention. I am certain it was an unforgettable moment for all involved.

So, now you understand a tad more about having  a YELLOW/RED as a friend. But, you should also know, this God-loving friend is someone who never judges or betrays our relationship. She is fun beyond words, generous to all and, yes, at times, a crazy RED.

For me, the nice GREEN/YELLOW, this is the perfect color combination to have as a friend.

(Postscript by Kathleen- it was Sam Elliott!)





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