Dreaming of a Yellow Christmas

Would you believe I heard “Frosty the Snowman” on TV last night? It’s October. And you probably think I am going to complain about it.

Yellow Christmas

Never happen.

I can be in another room, hear “Jingle Bells” and break out in a smile, no matter the time of year. In fact, I would like it to be Christmas 12 months a year.

I admit it. I am one of those people who would leave my Christmas decorations up all year if I could get away with it.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I absolutely love everything about Christmas!

By the way, so do all kids of every color temperament. This is the appropriate response to being a child. However, children’s distinctive temperaments begin to emerge as they mature. Holidays take on a different look as little ones mature into adults.

For example, let us talk about adult temperaments decorating for the holidays.

The adult YELLOW is most likely to enjoy decorating for every holiday, more than the other three temperaments. I am a YELLOW (perhaps I’ve mentioned this).

My house turns into a virtual amusement park for Christmas.

My wonderful BLUE/RED husband supports every idea I come up with each year for only one reason: He loves me.

He does NOT have a passion to take down, from the attic, 15 boxes of decorations, overflowing with reindeer and snowmen.  It certainly is not his idea to risk his life covering the exterior of our home with twinkle lights. Just for me, he rigs up mechanical angels that fly across our great room.

BLUES are more interested in the significance and special memories surrounding each holiday. They would be perfectly content with a few distinctive decorations, yearly traditions and spending quiet evenings at home with family and loved ones.

GREENS enjoy the holidays. However, they do not over-do anything. It requires too much energy. They quietly and completely enjoy every one else’s party and decorations. GREENS do not usually host any themselves. (If they do, they are so overwhelmed – when the party happens – they just want to go to bed).

REDS? They decorate, give gifts, throw outrageous parties and participate in every Christmas function, only if their jobs or positions in life require it. My RED friend has an office party at her house each Christmas. She decorates to the hilt.

Start noticing how your circles of friends behave as the holidays approach. Your YELLOW friends love giving and exchanging gifts. Your budget conscience RED and BLUE friends are the ones who suggest you scale down on the gifts, perhaps one per family. Your GREEN friends follow along with whatever is most agreeable.

Maybe you will better understand friends and family members as the holidays arrive this year. You might even take some pressure off those who are obviously different from you.

For inquiring minds, I have never used the color YELLOW in decorating for Christmas at our house…yet!

Question: Tell me now, have I assessed your holiday decorating habits accurately?

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