The Birthday King

by Kathleen Chapman

BirthdayKing_cover_300This modern-day parable for children tells the story of 12-year-old Henry, whose dream is to one day meet the Birthday King.

“The Birthday King is a modern classic!” ~ Thomas Griffin

Now available in two versions: eBook and Print.

eBook version of Kathleen Chapman’s delightful story on worship. Download instructions will follow purchase.

Print Version sent via U.S. Mail. Price includes all applicable tax and shipping.



Color Parenting Charts

by Kathleen Chapman

Instant downloadable cheat sheets for how to parent children according to their temperaments and yours. Select the chart that matches your parenting temperament color. Your spouse needs one in his or her color, too.

Use these cheat sheets to avoid personality clashes, to motivate, encourage and communicate effectively with children no matter their temperament. Each chart consists of just 2 pages, cleverly organized for quick reference.

Download instructions will follow purchase.


RED Parenting Chart



YELLOW Parenting Chart 



GREEN Parenting Chart



BLUE Parenting Chart 



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