To See or Not To See? That is the Question!

Of all the important functions in my life, seeing is at the top of the list.

I had thyroid surgery two years ago and it took my singing voice; so, my eyes are extremely precious.  I greatly appreciate having my sight.


Lately, my vision hasn’t been behaving like it normally should have been. I could see…it just was not really clear. While driving, I could read street signs.  They just looked like they had a gold film across them.

The world wasn’t as bright as it should have been!

So, a couple weeks ago, I decided to visit the eye doctor.

She told me to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist eye surgeon.

Cataracts? Seriously?

I am far too young for cataracts. I remember my mom having cataract surgery in her late eighties. Those are for elderly people- right? Wrong!

My husband had the surgery last year.  My dearest friend had it done the year before.

I did my due diligence.

I read an excellent booklet on cataracts.

I took excellent notes.

I talked to everyone familiar with the surgery.

One of my friends is a nurse. I could not believe what she told me. Just 50 years ago, cataract surgery meant a week’s hospital stay, with sand bags positioned on the sides of your head so you couldn’t move your head for a week after surgery. She promised me they have come a long way.

So, armed with all the necessary ammunition, I bravely faced the surgeon two days ago.

Left eye done.

Nothing turned out like my inquiries predicted. There was a little more pain than anticipated, more swelling, more pressure – overall, a less than pleasant experience.

However, the staff was wonderful, and the follow-up is exceptional.

I DO remember talking during surgery.  It was something about being on a date with Omar Sharif.

I have learned:

No two recovery outcomes are exactly the same. When I have any procedure, it will not be like anyone else’s. Having had Lasik surgery 12 years ago may have slowed my healing process. A small amount of pain will not prevent me from taking care of my eyes.

I will have my right eye done in a couple months.

The down side is I’m out of commission for a week! (No make-up allowed)

The good news is I can see very clearly from my left eye. The “gold film” is gone!

Also, Duane is much better looking than I remembered.


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