Oh, to Be a Kid Again!

Garage sales are the most fun in the world,” squealed my six-year-old granddaughter as we pulled over by a driveway piled high with items to sell to the public.


It has been close to two years since I discovered the potential garage “sailing” has to capture my grandkids’ diverse interests and entertain them for hours, on a budget!

This particular morning, filled with excitement and adventure, three granddaughters huddled together in the backseat of my car. They slept over last night, which means they have already exhausted my supply of toys and games for the weekend. By 7 a.m., they had downed their Lucky Charms, were dressed, hair slightly combed and ready to jump into my car, on a quest for street corner signs that read GARAGE SALE.

A $5 dollar limit for each guarantees an entire trunk full of stuffed animals, books, DVDs, dolls and games plus gifts for cousins on their Christmas list.

Most vendors sell items beginning as low as 10 cents and up to 2 or 3 dollars for children’s toys, clothes and (may I be candid?) unwanted junk.

This morning, two different people – at two different houses – seeing the excited expressions on my grandkids faces, said, “Oh just take the books and toys.  Your girls are so cute.”

My granddaughters, experiencing a garage sale, proves the old adage:  “One man’s  junk is another man’s treasure.”

By ten o’clock all are hungry and anxious to get back to my house to play with their newly acquired treasures. Four hours later, I am still amazed at the level of excitement in the day. It almost paralleled Christmas morning.

I love looking at life through the eyes of a child. Maybe that’s why I enjoy teaching kids.

There is a unencumbered delight in each new adventure and discovery. My grandkids were not thinking about sales taxes, homeowners insurance, or how much wear and tear their new gifts would take before breaking. They didn’t care who made each item, or if they had a recognizable brand name.

Kids enjoy the moment. Kids experience such freedom.

The Bible tells us to come to God as a child – to lay all our baggage, stress and preoccupation with life at His feet. Only then, will we be free from grown-up worries that cloud our brains, and be free to embrace God’s unconditional love for us.

I need this reminder every so often. Do you?


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