My Office Catastrophe!

As promised, I cleaned my office.

However, when I showed my husband these pictures, he asked if they were the before pictures! Seriously, I never considered my space cluttered until I photographed it.

office 04-12-15 (1)

I’m horrified that I spend 20 hours a week in such a boring, un-thought-out, cluttered and non-decorated place. I am not proud of the results. Even my adorable piano top desk fades into the surroundings without intention.

office 04-12-15 (2)

Let’s talk temperaments for a minute:


REDS are focused, driven and thrive on accomplishing tasks and goals. REDS are rarely concerned with ambiance.

Obviously, my RED side walks into my office with the express purpose of writing and completing tasks at hand. I certainly do not come in here to enjoy myself or glean creativity from the surroundings.

Studies show that quiet environments significantly boost productivity for brain work. I intentionally use my flat screen TV only while walking on my treadmill early mornings. DVDS, necessary for projects on my docket, are viewed for work as well. I do not play background music, and usually keep the door closed, so as not to be distracted by any outside interference – so RED.

office 04-12-15 (3)

Even the look on my face is that of a RED.  (I smiled in the next picture; but, my posture was not flattering, so you get this one.)

I am half YELLOW and you would never know it by looking at my office!

YELLOWS love color and energy and fabulous spaces. YELLOWS dislike plain white walls, and yet, here they are – covered with a plethora of show playbills and unorganized family pictures. YELLOWS need fun and sparkle.

This office is SO not me. My YELLOW side has been sadly neglected.

So, I am officially declaring these my “office BEFORE” pictures. I promise to make changes.

It may take six months to transform my office into a space a fun YELLOW will enjoy. I am committed to add color and décor, and make it a place into which I might invite friends to come and join me for a cup of tea.

BLUES, I would love some input from you organizers out there. I do fine with decorating, but organization is my downfall. Can you tell? I still need my books and equipment – but, obviously, I need to downsize and hide most of it. I predict my BLUE sister Susan will have some suggestions- I will gladly accept.

BLUES of the world, please HELP with my office catastrophe!

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