I Will Tell You Mine, If You Tell Me Yours

I am not exactly sure when this started.

I have to have matching sheets. Top, bottom and pillow cases must match in order for me to sleep comfortably.


It certainly was not the case when we were kids. I know we had clean sheets, but I can’t remember if they matched.

College life was a blur regarding sheets. I think I was given my folks’ old remnants of mismatched sheets. I do remember I only changed them because my roommate was a persnickety BLUE/RED who made me. As a fun-loving YELLOW I couldn’t understand her concern. Who would see them? Our beautiful fluffy pale blue bedspreads covered everything.

I am sure I loved the matching sheets we received as wedding gifts; but, once babies came, matching anything was the least of my concern. Top priority was just clean, spit-up free, sheets.

Ah, wait. By the time our kids were old enough to change their own beds, something happened.  I seem to remember our teenaged boys trying to sleep on just a bottom sheet – or even just a blanket. I could not stand the thought.

This could have been the turning point, now that I think about it. It really bothered me.

Hmmm, yes, it has developed into a legitimate quirk. I will admit, I have been known to postpone getting into bed if I discover something is awry with our bedding. One time Duane changed the bed, putting ivory sheets with white pillowcases. Seriously? I stayed up watching TV an hour longer – until the ivory pillowcases went through the drying cycle and our bed had matching sheets with correct pillowcases. Only then, could I sleep contentedly.

Don’t get me started on Duane. He sleeps anywhere on anything. It’s a miracle we are still happily married.

My next quirk? New magazines…and having to read them before anyone touches them.

I admit I have quirks. I consider them endearing. This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Any quirks you care to share with me – for encouragement sake?

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