I Love Surprises!

I love the sensation of a happy surprise. I’m not a fan of suspense thrillers. There is a huge difference between being happily surprised about something and experiencing a suspenseful shock that jolts your system into momentary paralysis.

A few days before Christmas, we were given a surprise gift of a trip to Georgia to see our daughter, Nancy, and her family. Scheduled to arrive the day after Christmas, it is one of those extremely happy surprises. You see, this was to have been our first Christmas ever to be without our daughter; so, we were beyond overjoyed.

Within minutes of hearing the good news, we decided to pay the surprise forward!


We asked our daughter and husband NOT to tell our granddaughters (ages 8, 10 and 12) we were coming to their house the day after Christmas, to make it a surprise for them.

It was planned to the tiniest detail. On Christmas day, they opened the gifts we had sent to Georgia. We opened the gifts they had mailed to California. We Skyped back and forth from Atlanta to San Clemente, tearing up as we told them how much we missed being with them at Christmas.  It was flawless.

December 26, we boarded a plane from John Wayne Airport, with one lay over, destination Atlanta. Our connecting flight was a little late; but, we made our second plane just in time. This was going to be a great surprise!

Our son-in-law, Bob, was at the airport to pick us up. Nancy had taken the girls to a movie. We arrived at their house before the movie ended, and discovered Bob had a wardrobe-size box, wrapped in gold Christmas wrapping paper, for me to hide inside.

Duane had to stand outside in the cold,  a topic for another post. Atlanta has not heard about global warming. Anyway, I wrote a note on top of the box that said, “Sorry this is late. Please open together.”

Their car pulled into the garage and I disappeared into the box. Duane stood outside in the freezing cold. The girls were so excited to receive another gift from us, and all three started ripping the paper off the giant box.  Not one of them suspected I was inside.

Suddenly, I started moving and yelled, “Merry Christmas,” as the box lifted upward off my squished body. There was so much screaming! At first, I feared the surprise had crossed over to the suspenseful shock. But no, it was all good screaming.

Then, the front doorbell rang, and the screaming elevated again as the girls discovered Papa was there, too! What a fun reunion! We get to be here an entire week!

Best Christmas surprise ever!

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