I Am a Terrible Houseguest

There must be a book out there on houseguest protocol.  If it is in the form of a test, I think I might fail.

Yes, we are visiting, in our daughter’s new home in Atlanta for the holidays. Perhaps, it is just that I feel too comfortable to be a model houseguest.


They have a beautiful home in Sandy Springs, a suburb of Atlanta. This house resembles Downton Abbey. This is a mansion compared to our humble home in California. The only thing missing is a housekeeping staff.

We are in awe of how lovely our accommodations are in our private guest room, with a large connecting bathroom, on our own floor.

I certainly didn’t want to complain, so, first, I quietly changed the location of the bathroom waste basket. It looks much better, and far more convenient, in its new spot. The towels are exquisite, but not really practical.  Without saying anything, I decided I’d try to use them anyway.

Fortunately, the downstairs thermostat is directly outside our bedroom door, so I can adjust it to keep the shampoo from freezing in the bathroom.

How do people sleep at night when their teeth chatter constantly?

I have to be honest. The next door neighbors leave their side porch light on 24/7. It shines so brightly directly across the moat and into our bedroom. It feels like broad daylight all night long.

Duane says I cannot visit the neighbors to request they turn off their light. One would think they’d appreciate being told.  (Maybe they aren’t even aware it is on!) It might help reduce their light bill. This certainly is not the sort of neighborhood that has robberies, so why leave the giant floodlight on around the clock?

Okay, I’ll buy one of those sleeping blindfolds at the store today.

Christmas, in our daughter’s new home, is so wonderful. I’ll admit, she has chosen the most unusual places to hang lights and decorations. They do seem a bit sparse. I’m making a list of all the items I need to send her for next year so she can decorate correctly. I’m certain she wants to continue with all her childhood traditions.

After mentioning this to Duane, I had to tear up the list. He seems to think she is quite perfect in everything she does.

Is it possible she might be completely content without my household hints,  decorating tips and tradition suggestions?

I definitely want to be invited back during this new year so I’m going to brush up on my houseguest etiquette.

Anyone out there have a book you might recommend?


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