“Dear God, I’m Having a Bad Day.”

Letter writing is becoming a lost art for kids. So is an intimate relationship with God. Try putting the two together and maybe something explosive will happen!


When I was young, I HAD to hand write letters to my grandparents because there was no email. They wrote me back. It made the distance between our homes seem much shorter, and gave us a closeness we would not have had otherwise.

Letter writing is a personal, confidential way of communicating.

Recently, I was in awe as I watched a mom – having served in our country’s military for 15 years – being interviewed about long distance communication. She explained how she had learned the key to maintaining closeness and intimacy with her husband and kids while on deployment across the ocean.

She had purposefully planned her strategy for her time away from them. She wanted her kids to learn the art of letter writing. She found their writing her letters taught self expression, individuality, self confidence, listening, reading and speaking skills.

The interviewer asked if she had added Skype or other internet communication to talk with her children. Surprisingly, she answered, “rarely.”

Their letters said far more than the typical, “I miss you and love you.” Her kids learned to ask WHY? WHEN? HOW? They discovered things about each other like their favorite color or favorite time of day. She also had them share their prayer requests with her so she could pray along with them.

By year two, each child had found his/her own niche for communicating with mom through letters.

With over 1,000 letters to date, this mom has precious memories, and intimate first hand knowledge, from her children that could never have been duplicated with long forgotten phone conversations over the past 15 years. She believes she knows her kids far better than many civilian parents, who see their kids daily and tuck them into bed each night.

What brilliant insight we might gain from this special mom.

Do you want your kids to know God better? Have them write letters to Him in a journal.

dear God

It helps to first read one of His letters -some hand picked verses – so they have the foundation for questions and thoughts.They will soon discover a closeness and deeper relationship with their creator that will help them through each day.

As parents (or grandparents), we can easily find passages in the Bible that are responsive to their letters; so, they start understanding the heart of God.

Not a bad idea for us adults either? Sit down and write God a letter today. You might be surprised how He answers you!
















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