Colors for the New Year

As we begin another New Year, I get the giggles thinking how each temperament approaches this time of year differently.

For those of you who are new to the study of temperaments, I describe them in four colors in these previous posts—RED, YELLOW, BLUE and GREEN.


When it comes to facing a New Year, REDS are strong, focused people as they begin any new task. If a RED has committed to a New Year’s resolution, I promise he or she will be the most  likely (of all four temperaments) accomplish it. REDS are goal setters. REDS are driven and adventurous.

My RED girlfriend simply writes her goal in her schedule book. But more than that, she outlines each step she needs to take to accomplish it. She loves the plan, process and adrenaline rush she gets each time she checks it to make sure she is on task.

YELLOWS love to make New Year’s resolutions but only if they are fun and exciting. My personal resolutions this year include redecorating two areas of my house, and taking a fun trip somewhere. I don’t have a plan or schedule, but I have enough excitement to cover both areas. Work related items rarely make it into my resolution list.  We YELLOWS feel an energized anticipation, as we hope our resolutions come to fruition.

BLUES plan for their New Year with the same seriousness as they plan everything. It needs to be done. They think it through, with detailed precision, and feel more pressure than enjoyment in the process.

My BLUE husband doesn’t refer to his plan as a New Year’s resolution because, as he patiently explains, these are things that must be done in the the coming year. BLUES do accomplish most of their plans, but are hardest on themselves when they fall short of the mark.

GREENS rarely set New Year’s resolutions. First, GREENS don’t enjoy making decisions, so deciding on what resolutions to make takes unnecessary oomph.

GREENS prefer to enjoy life as it comes. Regarding resolutions, my GREEN friend says, “I don’t want to put extra energy on something that may never happen. Resolutions seem like pointless expectations.”

My GREEN brother-in-law Glenn added, “Unless there is a plan on how something is going to be attained (and sustained), they are a waste of time!”

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