Age is Only a State of Mind

I just spent a weekend with college friends. The term decades ago is a very appropriate description of our years together at Los Angeles Baptist College in Newhall, Calif. – now, The Masters College.

Reunions are not events for which I anxiously await.


There are people who perpetually live in the past. Adamantly, I am not one of them. Refreshingly, neither are my five buddies who once shared dorm rooms and stall showers during our years at college.

I am stunned at how little we have changed.

Our temperaments have not changed either; so, I will include them, in today’s post, for those readers who understand my fascination with the human temperament.

The smartest one, from college days, is still the smartest one today. The only difference is she now teaches at UCLA. (RED/BLUE)

The prettiest one is, not surprisingly, still beautiful, and authors fictional romance novels with reference to her Italian roots. (BLUE/RED)

The nicest one is still nicer than the rest of us. To prove it, she shared her Disneyland penthouse timeshare with us for the weekend. (GREEN/RED)

The friendliest flirt is still married to her college boyfriend.  She says she still flirts, promising it is with him, only. (YELLOW/GREEN)

The godliest one still loves the Lord.  Her ladies’ Bible study numbers in the hundreds now, as opposed to the five of us she desperately prayed for and tried to influence from her dorm room.  (GREEN/RED)

The funniest one, is still the funniest one – and now, among other things, I blog. (YELLOW/RED)

Between us, we have 16 kids, 45 grandkids and dozens of dysfunctional in-laws. We are still nearly perfect and quite surprised we all married beneath ourselves.

All of us have buried our parents, accomplished 8 career changes and have, for the most part, preserved our sense of humor. Yesterday, we laughed as hard as if we had just returned from science class last period.

We reminded each other of the nights we climbed out of dorm windows and pushed a car a block from the parking lot so no one would hear the engine start. Three of us made up the English class grade curve – from the top student to the lowest grade. None of us admitted to kissing the others’ boyfriends back then…even though we suspect it happened.

Only one still does everyone’s hair…brilliantly.

My biggest surprise is the bond I feel with each one, after so many years and so many separate paths of life. I would still stay up all night sharing dreams and bad date horror stories with each of these remarkable women.

What fun!

The weekend flew by too quickly. I have been 19 years old these past three delightful days! I will only admit to you – I now need a nap.

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