Yes, Everyone Can Be a Fun Parent

My question this week is from a young mom, “How can I be a FUN parent to a YELLOW child when I’m a serious BLUE mom?” ( Referring to individual temperaments)

Be encouraged. It takes a simple plan and BLUES love planning.

Here are some suggestions, from the YELLOW Queen of fun, for weekly fun events at home:

Pick a meal during the week you eat on the floor as a picnic. (Inside or outside)

Another meal might be served in child dishes.


Make it classy and eat from good china, crystal, good tea cups, etc.

Have a hat meal with everyone required to wear one during the meal.


Have an orange (or, any color) meal- no one allowed at the table without wearing the required color.

Eat dinner in the morning, breakfast at night. (This was always a hit for us.)

Serve beverages from vases, jars or bowls – with straws.

Sleep on the floor – anywhere in the house.

11_1_11 ZW sleeping on floor mattress

Wear clothes to bed instead of pajamas.

Brush teeth from the hose in the backyard. (My kids were begging to brush their teeth!)

Set your alarm for 5am, bundle up, take a walk outside in the dark. Make it a treasure hunt, complete with a list of things to find. (rocks shaped like eggs, string, bugs, coins, leaves, etc.)

Making variations from this list, weekly, will take you through months of fun in your house!

When our kids were young, we had KID DAY every Tuesday during the summer months.

KID DAY RULES: Play all day.


No chores at all– like bed making, brushing teeth, etc.

Eat whatever you want.

Wear whatever you want- even costumes. (This will surprise you)

Go to bed by midnight.  (They never lasted past 9 p.m.)

Obey mom and dad.

Kid Day was the highlight of our kids’ summer. (And it was free) Of course, our young YELLOW made some poor diet choices the first couple Tuesdays and made himself sick. The remaining Tuesdays he regulated his food intake and bedtime accordingly. Surprisingly, this became an excellent learning time as well. He began to understand why eating popcorn and soda all day wasn’t good for him.

It was fascinating to me that our BLUE/GREEN child continued to brush her teeth and make her bed on Kid Day, when it wasn’t required.

Anything out of the ordinary routine can be fun – especially for little YELLOWS.

Remember, when mom and dad join in the festivities – it is FUN!

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