Which TEMPERAMENTS Succeed on Stage?

Every child is born with a pre-disposition- i.e. temperament.

YELLOW kids need very little encouragement to perform on stage.


YELLOWS are born performers and love the limelight. Drama Camp experience will polish their natural talent and make them better performers than they ever dreamed possible!

RED kids may not care to be bothered with performing on stage, at first, especially if it isn’t their idea. However, stage experience and exposure provide a great foundation for the ‘sure to be successful’ RED adults they will eventually become.

BLUE kids are the BEST actors.  They just don’t realize it. They begin with hesitant, insecure, pensive attitudes – nervous about performing on stage.  (I discourage the word shy.)  Yet, BLUES – statistically – become the best actors.  They will love every minute!

GREEN kids need parents to put them on stage.  They are not motivated enough on their own. GREENS are quiet, but have a dry wit that makes them great comedic actors. Once they discover performing, they will thank you forever!

Brooke lit up the stage when she smiled. Some faces, audiences just love.

Wendy had more talent in her little finger, at eight, than 10 of my 16 year-old actors.

Ryan, at six, put on a Dick Tracy hat and coat, then sang and danced as if he had been doing it his whole life. He is still on stage today.

Ben cried the first day of camp as his mom left him. He also cried the last day of camp.  He didn’t want it to end.

Lydia asked if she could take the entire show (and all the actors) to her grandma’s house; because, Grandma couldn’t make the performance.

Gary asked for more lines, each day of camp, and ended up with more than the lead in the show.

Kristi was given a leading role, insisting she never saw herself as a leading lady. She brought the house down with “Sure, sure, why not?” and loved the standing ovations.

I truly believe my favorite part of directing kids in theatre, is seeing the incredible difference between day one rehearsal and opening night. EVERY child, whichever  temperament, is transformed!

Help put a child on stage this summer, PLEASE!!!  Any amount of scholarship is appreciated AND TAX DEDUCTIBLE!



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