Want More Time in Your Day?

Think Like a CHILD!

I am always short on time during daytime hours.

I wake up around 5am; because, even with earplugs, I hear Duane get in the shower. If it is a good morning, I head for my home office.  I love mornings because the days feel full of promise. By 6am, I have walked and am pumped to accomplish great things, very certain the day will be successfully productive.


One phone call, or email, can dash all my preconceived plans against the wall. An unexpected meeting, a sick grandchild, an errand to run or an accidental running into a friend at the store completely sidetracks me. Somehow, by dinner, only a quarter of what I wanted to accomplish gets done.

This produces times of stress, frustration, irritability and generally an unhappy nature. I want to change this cycle!

I need more time.


I decided to ask advice from the happiest, most confident and stress-free people I know – some KIDS! (Mostly our grandkids, 13 and under.)

girl with clock isolated on a white background

I promised I would not use their real names. (However, I will note the temperament of each child.) Their answers are surprisingly brilliant!

What should I do to get more time in my day?

  1. You should NOT get frustrated. Talk to no one. People need to let you do what you need to do! (RED)
  2. Is this a trick question? Okay, definitely sleep LESS and get some help! (BLUE)
  3. Start early and stay up late. Try to not let anything distract you. Look at the things you have to do and try to do one thing that solves two things. (RED)
  4. Ask someone to help you! Don’t try to do everything by yourself! (BLUE)
  5. Try to relax and walk around or something. (BLUE)
  6. Section your day into details – so you don’t waste time doing things twice! (RED)
  7. Eat less candy or stuff you shouldn’t eat, you’ll have more time. (YELLOW)
  8.  Stay busy and it will FEEL like you have lots more time than you really do! (RED)
  9. Ask ME to help you! (GREEN)
  10. Ask for help and stay up later. (BLUE)

Not bad! A couple of these suggestions make perfect sense. AND, they all made me smile, which by the way, is a stress reducer!

I found a really good book too!

Don’t underestimate the thinking of a child. The Bible says some profound things about kids.

In Isaiah 11:6b, it promises there will be a day in the future, “And a little child will lead them.”

“Even a child is known by his acts, whether [or not] what he does is pure and right.” Proverbs 20:11






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