There is HELP for PARENTING!

Please Learn About the TEMPERAMENTS!

My job is working with kids. I have the best job in the world!

The biggest surprises I discover with my job involve the parents. Without certain information about their own TEMPERAMENTS, and their children’s temperaments, many feel overwhelmed.


Truthfully, some of their kids are completely out of control. I have met thousands.

HELP is here! Everyone is born with a pre-disposition. We refer to it as a temperament. YOU are born like this! Your CHILD is born like this – on purpose. GOD’S design! Everyone is created differently.

There are several temperament/personality tests out there. The problem being, some adults take the test long before they have children, and forget the power the test results hold relating directly to PARENTING!

Here is the great news!

I teach temperaments in color. RED & YELLOW are the strong, louder temperaments. BLUE & GREEN are the quieter, easier ones. Every person is a combination of two colors. One is more dominant in the home, the other outside the home.

I am a YELLOW/RED, yet I parented in RED.

As parents, the dominant YELLOWS and GREENS are probably more fun, but are less likely to be the “PARENT” getting respect in the home.

RED parents (in the home) are in control and usually have the best behaved kids, yet forget to enjoy the process.

BLUE parents (in the home) are excellent planners, but so ultra sensitive their kids will tend to control them as well.

Before you stop reading, this is easily remedied.

Once you realize that God intends YOU to be the parent, and take your place as leader in the home, you change the rules. You are the parent. Start acting like it!

God created each temperament with strengths and weaknesses, so we need to turn them over to Him to govern. He balances the scale.

This is possible! I know a GREEN mom who was completely overwhelmed parenting three little girls. Each girl has a different temperament. She was literally at her wits end. They were running her and the home.

She discovered the temperaments, and gave God control. Her life, AND HOME, have turned around! The yelling is gone. The new rules are written down. The consequences for not obeying the rules are non abusive and simple. It took a couple weeks before all three girls realized this new life was there to stay. They are a NEW family!

The young RED/BLUE daughter desperately needed the structure. The young YELLOW was free to be herself – BUT, with boundaries, which helped both her sisters enjoy her more. The youngest is learning from the get go that “No” simply means no – the first time it is said! What a concept!

Wow! I wish all the parents, in the world, would discover the temperaments while their kids are young; but, it’s never too late.

My friend Vicki Barnes has a wonderful book, The Real You, that touches on every type of communication with the four temperaments, from kids to adults.

If you are unfamiliar with the four different temperaments, please read my previous blogs to familiarize yourself with this critical topic.

When you subscribe to my blog, you receive TWO emails back from me. The 2nd one gives you my free EBook on temperaments AND my test. If you have never received this EBook, and are a subscriber, please email me. I will try my YELLOW/RED best to get one to you.

PARENTS, please take charge of your kids before it is too late.

Do it for THEM and for all their future teachers.



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