The Birthday King

I have been writing plays, musicals, dramas and skits since high school. In the last dozen years I’ve written four books. If you know me at all, you know my one passion in life is introducing kids to God, and also helping adults understand how to communicate His truth to kids.


Communication is a tricky thing. Lots of people think if you are a talker you can communicate. Not so.

Talkers are not necessarily communicators. Most of us have experienced a boring sermon in a church service.  (Did I just say that?) All of us have met people who seemingly love to hear themselves talk yet, surprisingly enough, say very little.

However, each of us has a favorite teacher or two, out of the dozen teachers we had in school.  My guess is, the reason we remember them, they were great communicators.

I’m a teacher with a fervor for each child to really meet and know the God of the universe. So, I’ve written a children’s book. I want kids to understand what God wants from them. It is an essential communication tool. It’s just in time for Christmas.

I may be biased, but this is the second most important book a child should own, the Bible being the first. Kids rarely read a Bible and understand it. They need an adult to read with them, helping them translate God’s Word into their level of understanding.

My new book, The Birthday King, is written on a child’s level, speaking truth into their lives from God’s Word. It is to be read again and again until a child can quote it from memory as the pages are turned. It puts in plain words a powerful message God wants for all of us!

My husband has a special bond with some of his childhood books. I credit my mother-in-law for reading his favorite books over and over again, so that he remembers the content even today.

This is my dream for The Birthday King. I pray it becomes a family favorite, especially at Christmas, as we celebrate the birthday of our King!

The Birthday King is available as a downloadable eBook ($4.99) HERE. If you prefer the paperback version ($10), contact me HERE with your name and mailing address.

Give your child a life changing book this Christmas!

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