The BEST Kind of Famous!

From as young as I can remember, I wanted to be either a missionary to India or a famous actress.


Neither has happened as yet. At least, so I have thought.

However, I just returned from the grocery store where the woman in front of me insisted I go before her in line. She smiled with, “I know you.”  I thought her face was vaguely familiar, but couldn’t place her. “How do you know me?” I asked.

She went on to explain how both her kids had been in my kids’ musical theatre group when they were young. Her oldest, now 27, still remembers the lines he spoke in Grandma Potter’s Attic when he was ten. Wow! I love it. That musical was about a Grandma showing her grandkids, with their (45 or so) friends, all the memories in her attic, and how meeting Jesus had been the best memory of all.

I came home, related this story to my husband, Duane, and he said, “Why are you so surprised? It happens to you almost every week.”

Hmmmmmm? Jogging my memory…

Duane and I went to a new restaurant in San Clemente a few weeks ago.  Our waitress smiled and said, “Hi, Miss Kathleen. Do you remember me?”

That is the hardest question for me, having taught thousands of kids over the years.  I usually answer, “Probably…what show were you in?” “Life Happens,” she smiled.

Every few weeks, truly, I am recognized by someone, somewhere: Trader Joe’s last month, a church we were visiting the month before that, The Spectrum, doctors’ offices, Home Goods, always at the mall, and soccer practices.

At a garage sale a couple weeks ago, I was stopped by a car-full of kids, and their mom, to say good morning.  (You do realize, one certainly doesn’t dress up or try to look fabulous at 7a.m.) One of the kids actually asked if I was wearing my Miss Piggy ring. Thankfully, I was.

Last year, Duane and I were flying to our nephew’s wedding when a young married woman, in the airport, told me she had been in a musical 25 years ago.  Did I remember her? Her face actually looked familiar as she said, “That’s okay.  I remember you and those shows were the best times of my life.”

Just last Sunday morning, in church, as we were to ‘greet’ people around us, both families in front of us and behind us had been in my musicals as children!

It has been my privilege to tell thousands of kids about Jesus over the years. Yes, my mission field has been the stage since 1971.  (I haven’t made it to India yet.)

I never considered this being “famous,” until now.  Thank you to all the kids over the years who made this possible. It definitely is the BEST kind of famous.



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