Temperament Toy Shopping

Question of the week: Are there specific gifts for kids that certain temperaments like?


Funny thing about temperaments. They don’t identify themselves clearly enough to require a defined toy shopping list.

However, I can safely say most REDS, YELLOWS, BLUES and GREEN kids do like toys. (Insert applause here)

This topic actually requires skill on the part of the parent/gift giver. How much do you know about the child’s leisure pursuits?  The interests of the child count more than the temperament. For example, I know girls who like dinosaurs. And boys who like to cook.

So, what do your kids talk about the most? Do they have a favorite movie or cartoon from which you can buy paraphernalia? What do they already do and like?

Here are some basic temperament hints (with some personal suggestions for last minute shopping ideas):



These kids are physically active. They like challenges/dares. They are self starters.

REDS enjoy the physical part of playing. Think of balls, from basketball to a pool table. They love competition- think of challenging board games! Bounce Off is a game that will be a surefire hit with RED kids on your Christmas list. Also take a look at ThinkFun Rush Hour board game—a great choice for REDS ages 8 and above.



They love being busy. They love to perform for crowds. They love to have someone playing with them. YELLOWS are great with imagination toys. They love sparkle- anything bigger than life. Something that attracts lots of attention and interaction with others. They love presents! YELLOWs get hours of enjoyment from silly games like Googly Eyes and Moustache Smash!

Think dress up clothes for YELLOW kids (my granddaughters love being princesses!). And a magic kit allows for hours of performances. Karaoke too! Anything with a microphone makes a YELLOW happy!



They are quiet and can play alone. They enjoy serious playtime.

BLUES are very good with details/quiet games, puzzles/ books- they love to think.

They enjoy a mental challenge with much assembly required.

Think Scrabble, chess, Legos; a game called Sequence is a favorite of my BLUE grandkids as are books like The Oak Inside the Acorn by Max Lucado and The Baby-Sitters Club: Mary Anne Saves The Day, by BSC Graphix.

Crayola Marker Maker Wacky Tips is a great activity set for the child who enjoys playing alone. Like a scientist in the lab, BLUE kids can have fun in their very own color laboratory using the mixing guide to decide what colors to create.



They are content to play quietly. Loud commotion bothers GREENS. Certain toys can easily overwhelm them. GREEN children don’t want to assemble anything difficult. No toys or puzzles with more than 250 pieces for GREENS.

GREENS are nice, sweet kids and will usually “like” anything they are given. These kids especially like soft, comfortable toys such as stuffed animals. I purchased the most adorable sloth and stuffed elephant for my little GREENS.  They also love to cuddle in soft blankets. GREENS enjoy being peaceful and quiet, they also like to watch videos.

I hope this gives more insight for your Christmas gift giving!

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