TEACHERS’ Temperaments

I think my favorite teacher was Miss Ender.

She was patient and kind- never got upset, or raised her voice at me. She seemed to love me no matter what I did or didn’t do. She was definitely a GREEN teacher.


I was an immature or ‘late blooming’ YELLOW who desperately needed those qualities in a teacher. I was relieved to know she did not retire early because of me.

Children are all different, with their individual temperaments, and it helps to understand why certain temperaments work easier with certain teachers.

If a teacher is:

∙ a strong RED, the class will run like a well oiled machine, and will be highly productive. The RED child will struggle, at first, with strict leadership; but, will do exceedingly well with respecting boundaries. Little REDS are high achievers. The little BLUES will notice a lack of sensitivity; but, do well. YELLOWS and GREENS will have to find their fun on the playground; because, the teacher won’t be providing much!

∙ a happy YELLOW, it will be a fun filled classroom. BLUES will be frustrated without a serious plan each day. GREENS easily adjust. Young REDS will attempt to take over the class. Believe it or not, YELLOWS will clash the most with a YELLOW teacher. Only one funny person, at a time, may be in charge!

∙ a serious BLUE, the class will run on a schedule and accomplish exactly what the teacher has planned. Young YELLOWS and GREENS won’t find it a particularly fun class; but, they will be deeply loved and encouraged. REDS will give the teacher the most discipline problems. BLUE children are most difficult for a BLUE teacher; because, even after putting in diligent work, they will be called on missed details!

∙ a nice GREEN, the classroom will be quiet and peaceful. Fun will be incorporated. Young GREENS, YELLOWS and BLUES will love the quiet patience. Still, young YELLOWS will be talkative troublemakers and REDS will try to run the classroom. Both suck the very life from the GREEN teacher!

This short overview may help you understand why your children react differently to individual teachers in their lives.

Take the time to understand your children’s temperaments as they share how their school days have unfolded. It helps to explain to our children how God made all of us different from each other on purpose. We have gifts and talents meant to be used in relationship to others – maybe, especially, our teachers.

Vicki Barnes’ book, The Real You still tops my favorite resource for understanding temperaments!






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