Summer is for KIDS of all ages!

I am a kid at heart. Perhaps, it is because of the YELLOW half of my temperament; but, I have always loved the summer months with no school and a plethora of reasons to play!


Happy young children lying on grass and having fun

When our three children were finally all in school, I began a new tradition. I called it KID DAY.  Every Tuesday of each week, throughout the summer, was now KID DAY!

KID DAY, by definition, meant they could do anything they wanted – on this day – if it did NOT cost money. Also, the only other requirement: they had to obey their parents. They could eat whatever they wanted, dress however they wanted, watch TV all day if they wanted (there were only two channels for kids back then) and get up and go to bed when they wanted. They didn’t need to brush teeth, make beds or help with chores. For 12 hours each week, our kids were in charge of their lives.

The very first KID DAY stays in my memory decades later. Our firstborn, Nancy, never changed her schedule. She ate a regular breakfast, made her bed, brushed her teeth and played throughout the day as she normally would have the other days of the week. She even did a few chores and went to bed at a normal hour. Temperament? GREEN/BLUE.

Our middle child, Mark, was the first to make me question inventing such a radical holiday! There was nothing NORMAL about his practices on KID DAY! Mark slept in, never made his bed or brushed his teeth on KID DAYS. He ate popcorn, ice cream and soda all day the first Tuesday. He had an upset stomach and went to bed early. He threw up all night. However, the following KID DAY, his diet consisted of exactly the same thing! He loved every minute of it! I kept an eye on this risk-taker, making certain he never destroyed himself or others! Temperament? YELLOW/RED.

Our youngest, John, copied his big brother with the popcorn and ice cream… until dinnertime. John “wanted to eat a REAL dinner with mom and dad.”

John loved running around without a shirt. (They had to wear shirts at the table for meals the rest of the week.) So, John enjoyed being part rebel coming to the table “shirtless” on KID DAY! He played hard; but, would check on me throughout the day, making sure I was still his mom. Temperament? BLUE/RED.

KID DAYS consisted of trips to the park, riding bikes, running through sprinklers, playing indoor or outdoor games and walking to the ice cream shop – using their own money. They could eat meals whenever they wanted. They could invite kids over or meet them at the park. I offered to take them to the library for special events. If they had saved their money, we would go to a matinee at the movies.

KID DAY was a huge success! It took the pressure off mom one day a week. The way it was structured (or with lack of structure) let me be a “fun mom” one day a week and gave me insight into my children’s personalities. I didn’t have to remind them of chores or scold them about anything. It didn’t cost money and didn’t do any harm to the kids…even with a day of popcorn for meals.

Ten or so Tuesdays, every summer, to make fun memories that have lasted a lifetime.

For nearly eight years, KID DAY was the highlight of our summers, (along with Drama Camps of course) for all of them.

Now, our 10 grandchildren want to experience KID DAY! They have heard stories, from their parents, and want to practice it at my house! I explained that every day, at my house, is already KID DAY for my grandkids. So, the only way to actually receive the benefits would be at their own homes!

Funny how a simple idea turned into a family tradition lasting for decades!

Try KID DAY at your house- any variation that fits your lifestyle- and report back how it went!



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