Prevent School Morning Disasters!

The study of temperaments applies to every aspect of parenting…especially mornings.

A distressed YELLOW mom asked me: “How can I fix my school mornings so all four of us leave the house, on time, without being stressed out?”

She told horror stories about mismatched shoes, lost homework, stained clothes, wet hair and missing lunch boxes.


By the time she pulls into the school parking lot, everyone is in tears. “…and, we are always late,” she pleaded.

A nice pat answer would be:  “Plan ahead, prepare everything from clothes to lunches the night before.” Or  “When that happens, forget school and head for Disneyland.” – as I have done a few times.

However, I knew she was serious. Understanding temperaments is critical here.

YELLOW moms happily wing most things, including getting kids fed and out of the house on school mornings. This works, only if everything runs smoothly, and the garbage disposal doesn’t back up – or, if you have happy YELLOW kids who don’t require a plan or punctual school attendance. Sorry, but I doubt all kids are YELLOW.

Stress begins when children’s temperaments react negatively to mom’s temperament. The happy, lackadaisical behavior of a YELLOW mom makes little RED and BLUE kids crazy. Both prefer to be at school on time; and, GREEN kids desire a peaceful, stress free atmosphere before they leave the house.

I told the YELLOW mom – make a life change – prepare everything the night before. This works for all temperaments.

RED moms assume everyone will be as punctual and prepared as they are in the morning. When it doesn’t happen, tempers flare and yelling may ensue.

GREEN moms are so laid back they may not plan ahead, but also might not care about running late. However, their kids might be upset by this. Without realizing it, these easy going moms are laying groundwork for tension in the home.

BLUE moms usually have a plan the night before and, as a result, DO avoid most school morning catastrophes, but rarely enjoy the process.

One morning SECRET (I used for years as a YELLOW mom), set your alarm 30 minutes earlier without announcing it. You may even have time to laugh over breakfast when you aren’t so pressed for time.

In each situation, remember, kid temperament reactions complicate your best scenario. Take the time to learn your child’s temperament. I wrote more about this HERE. Also, make sure you are signed up to get my blog posts by email, and I will send you a link to download my free eBook, YOU: Red, Yellow Blue or Green? 

Honestly, when you prepare ahead for mornings, it insures success for every temperament. Yes, even if you are thrown an unexpected curve of a fashion faux pas, it should not ruin the day.

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