Off the Hook!

We had three babies in four years. I remember trying to organize my mind so I could section off time to think.

YELLOWS operate in time slots. We love commotion, excitement, events, projects, people and audiences for our adrenaline fixes. Rarely does a YELLOW say there is too much of anything; but, there was a period of time, when our kids were toddlers, that my YELLOW took backseat to my RED.

final miss piggy

The time slots were overlapping and life just wasn’t much fun.

I had never wanted to be a “yelling mom” because, I remembered my childhood when my nice GREEN mom lost it, on occasion. However, my dreaded nightmare was starting to become a reality.

I remember one day clearly.  The kids were one, three and five …

I was becoming a yeller! I remember it because we had just gotten a new car. I had blown up the engine on our other one the previous week; because, I forgot to tell Duane the red engine light had been on for several weeks. So, things were already tense in the house.

This particular morning, I was supposed to go to the DMV to sign papers on the new car. All three kids were eating breakfast. I was standing at the stove scrambling eggs. An entire bottle of milk spilled – yes, a glass bottle, all over the floor.  That same moment, the rinse cycle on the washer failed to stop and there was water pouring into the kitchen from the laundry room.

I flung the pan with half-cooked eggs into the sink, my short fused RED yelling at the top of my lungs. I had reached the end of my sweet nature, there was no fun YELLOW to be found.

I remember it was a Tuesday morning because just then, my dad called. Tuesdays had been our dad/daughter times for many years after I had married. Dad was a calm GREEN/BLUE. He could usually talk me down from any crisis. This particular morning, he heard the panic in my voice as I explained what was happening. He told me to stop talking for a second. Then, he simply let me off the hook.

Dad told me the DMV would still be there tomorrow. He assured me Duane could easily fix the washer when he came home from work. He promised me the spilled milk would be easy to clean off the kitchen floor and he cautioned me to tell my kids that mommy wasn’t yelling at them.

Wise counsel.

Whether RED, YELLOW, BLUE or GREEN, there will be tough days—maybe, tough weeks. I want to let you off the hook today.

Take a deep breath. Drink a tall glass of water. Grab some chocolate (I just threw that in for good measure) and put your housework on hold.

Some of my best memories as a young mom were of the days I threw caution to the wind and spent the day playing with our kids.

Even now, there are tough days in life. The toddler years are long gone but between car problems, dentist visits, speaking gigs, and work deadlines, the pressure piles up. I miss having my dad around to let me off the hook, as it were.

These are the times you need a good friend to let you off the hook. This is a very busy time of year. So, right now I am going to make a phone call, and go out for chai tea today. I give you permission to do the same…you are off the hook.

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