Morning Temperaments!

Help for MOMS everywhere!

I had breakfast with a young RED mom, the other day, and listened how she struggles with her morning schedule – having three kids under five. I will admit, I was having flashbacks from when I was in her exact shoes. However, she has a definite advantage over me at that age.


She understands temperaments!

Her GREEN/BLUE husband has a completely opposite temperament from hers; and, her three little kids encompass all four temperament qualities among them. Two of her children are in pre-school and baby goes to grandma each morning, as both parents work.

She was describing her typical morning and I tried not to laugh. I truly know how she feels and I only had ONE GREEN out of our three kids.

Here is her dilemma:

Two of her three children are predominately quiet, easy GREEN, temperaments and do not want to get up – or even move – in the mornings as she steamrolls through the house attempting to wake up the two older ones for pre-school and kindergarten. The baby easily wakes up and sits in her high chair all morning as everyone else begins the day.

She has tried everything to ignite some energy or response to her vocal alarm clock as she goes from bedroom to bedroom turning on lights and tempting them with delicious breakfasts.

She finds herself screaming as she pushes and pulls them out of bed. She splashes cold water on their faces, which only results in tears and crabby kids over the breakfast table. Getting them dressed and in the car takes another hour of near hysteria for everyone by this time.

The children have a firm 7pm bedtime. By 7am the next morning, she is certain they are not tired, having slept for 12 hours. HELP! What can she do?

Yes, her kids eat their vitamins, and are perfectly healthy. They just happen to be sweet, quiet, low motivated GREEN temperaments. GREENS are never in a hurry. GREENS have two speeds – OFF and SLOW. Her GREENS do not happen to be morning people.

I suggested she aim for a 6:30pm bedtime and a 6 or 6:30 wake up call. This will allow for lots of extra time for them to wake up at a slower pace. Then, there would be no rushing around or screaming in the mornings.

I assured her she wouldn’t have to do this early hour forever. As time goes on, and the kids form habits of getting up in a peaceful home, they are likely to become accustomed to the morning routine.

Her battle is half won, because she understands the temperaments in her family. She is a focused, aggressive, dynamic RED. Her struggle is with precious GREENS who will never be as eager, in most situations, as Mom! Dad is a delightful GREEN/BLUE. He is a good balance for Mom, but leaves for work before anyone is up in the mornings.

Life is so much easier when you understand the natural temperaments of those in your family, work, school and daily routine!

In case you are new to temperaments, here are some positives of each:

REDS have the strong energy, drive, focus and are always “right.”

YELLOWS love to entertain, play, have fun and enjoy friends.

BLUES are the planners, organizers and deep feelers and thinkers.

GREENS are easy going and the nicest people in the world!

Read up on the temperaments of the people in your life and you be will be amazed how much more you will enjoy each one!

I also suggested a 5am wake up for her to spend some quiet moments with God.

Two of my favorite books are Mornings with Tozer, and My Daily Pursuit, both by A.W.Tozer.

I will give you an update on “Morning Temperaments” mom as she reports back.

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