Life Lessons from Miss Piggy

Yes, it is true. I collect Miss Piggy. I adore her. In the late ‘70s, friends introduced me to her through Muppets’ paraphernalia. In 1981, my friend Mary gave me my first book,  Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life, now a collectible.


One of my favorite chapters, “Diet,” from this classic, offers profound wisdom like “Never eat more than you can lift,” and “Do not weigh yourself constantly. Every time you stand on the scales, it stretches the little springs and wing nuts inside and slowly presses them flat. So even with no weight gain whatsoever, the scale appears to make you weigh a little more each time.”

Her latest book is no less hilarious thought-provoking for which I believe she absolutely deserves a Pulitzer Prize.

Once my students hear of my hobby, they continue to contribute. I have nearly 1,200 items so far, with oh, so many more possibilities!




You should see my Miss Piggy wardrobe. It is enviable, to say the least. Kids light up when they see me coming.



Miss Piggy makes me smile, even on a bad day.

My joy, in working with kids, is much the same. Do you know that kids have bad days? I love being just crazy enough to cause many of them to laugh and smile, no matter what their home situations may be at any given moment.

You may be thinking, “Is she talking about American kids, living on California soil, having unhappy lives?” Yes, if I told you the statistics’ of a group of 60 kids in my theatre classes, you would be shocked.

Safe Horizon reports, “1 in 10 children suffer from child maltreatment. One in 16 children suffers from sexual abuse. Nearly 1 in 10 children are witnesses to family violence.”  In a class of 60 kids, that’s an alarming marker.

I am thrilled to part of so many kids’ lives. I know the God of the universe who will give them hope and joy in the midst of whatever they have to endure for a season. This is real, folks. I know it is happening all around us. We need to know our part in helping these kids.

If abuse is suspected, never hesitate to contact a teacher or law enforcement.

For more information to increase your awareness see, Recognize the Signs: Safe Horizon’s 10 Signs of Child Abuse.

Question: What do you collect?

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