Introducing my first Temperament podcast!

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 Introducing my first Temperament podcast with Roz Mignogna, NTP, CD(DONA) Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Certified Birth Doula (DONA) BA- Health Arts and Sciences.

I have known Roz since she was two years old, She grew up in my theatre workshops and her parents became our dearest friends. Her dad, Gene Roberson, is the musical genius with whom I write musicals. Her mom is our family Doctor.

Roz is now a young wife and mom of three girls, right in the middle of the parenting trenches. She asked if I would please dialogue with her on various topics, the first being temperaments. Roz has a website called Real Food Family.


Welcome to Real Food Family’s NEW “Real Family” Podcast with Kathleen Chapman!

I haven’t been this excited about a new blog in a LONG time!

You were introduced to my mentor, Kathleen Chapman, a while back with some video interviews I posted. During my recent cross-country trip, I became addicted to a few podcasts (like the Mom Heart podcast!) and was inspired to start my own podcast with the brilliant and fabulous Kathleen Chapman!

Whenever I get together with Kathleen to talk about family life, parenting and identifying temperaments I actually feel guilty I’m one of very few moms receiving her life-changing mentoring. Kathleen is one of the most fun yet powerful leaders I’ve ever known in my entire life. She impacts every person who meets or works with her in any way.

So now our REAL FAMILY podcast is my way of gifting Kathleen to more parents like me. Parents who need serious help navigating the incredibly unique temperaments of  children and how those temperaments work with our own temperaments.

But this podcast isn’t only for parents. It’s for anyone who wants to master the art of having meaningful relationships with other people- family members, co-workers, employees, students, teachers, neighbors…you name it.

Understanding temperaments is about overcoming conflict and finding joy and fulfillment in relationships with others, then ultimately how we can submit our own temperaments to God to be used for His ultimate plan and glory.

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Show Notes: 

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