In the Beginning

When I decided to start blogging, I wasn’t at all intimidated. I’ve never considered myself particularly competitive. And while I have been called many things, “deep thinker” has never been one of them. However, I enjoy making people think and laugh and this seemed like a good venue to encourage a relational backscratch.

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Yellows (take a look at my ebook on temperaments, YOU: Red, Yellow, Blue or Green? to learn why I refer to myself as a Yellow) enjoy looking at life through humorous eyes. Each of us sees things differently and I find that humor is refreshingly entertaining in a world where depression is spreading like wildfire.

I also love looking at life through the eyes of a child. Children are my favorite people. What I love most about them is their ability to be completely honest. They see things and then have complete freedom to say aloud whatever they think.

My friend’s five-year-old grandson was over the other night. He had just discovered a vein on the back of his hand. Fascinated by this newly discovered phenomenon, he explained to me that although it looked blue through his skin, it was full of red blood. Of course I ohhhhh-ed and ahhhh-ed as he explained how fast red blood travels through this blue vein.

Then the predictable happened.

Before I could stop him, (or quickly drop to the ground to hide my legs), he looked toward my calves. Within seconds his eyes grew to golf-ball-like proportions as he gasped saying, “Oh my, Kathleen, you have BIG blue veins.”

“Yes I do. I am fortunate to be a Mimi, and only Mimi’s get to have BIG blue veins.”

I thought that upbeat, quick response might satisfy his curiosity.


He walked closer and leaned two inches from my leg, exclaiming “There are SO many BIG ones, do they hurt?”

“Does YOUR blue vein hurt?” I asked, mentally picking up a large hammer…just kidding.

My friend was laughing harder than I was. I had been the one person on the planet given the distinct privilege of introducing her grandson to the world of varicose veins.

I am proud. I am accomplished. It brought laughter to the day.

I decided to blog about it.

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