How to Make it a Great Day!

The following is a strong suggestion I would like to make to parents, everywhere: When taking your children to camp, school or classes of any type this Fall, be aware there are certain rules to follow for different, individual temperaments as each enters into a new situation.


Knowing how to start their day off GREAT might just make it successful for everyone involved.

YELLOW children are in the moment. If they are having a fun morning at home, or have something new to wear, the first day of camp or school will usually run smoothly. That is, especially, if you have prepared them for a fun experience, and maybe encouraged them with a reward for good behavior. YELLOWS love new situations and love making new friends. They like to be on time, so they don’t miss anything.

REDS prefer to be in charge. Much discussion is needed, sometimes, for REDS to be convinced their parents are in charge and will decide what camp or school is best for them. They are hesitant “joiners,” in new situations – not quick to make friends. If they are encouraged early to take a leadership role, they soon feel comfortable. With the right encouragement, REDS zoom to the top of the class.

BLUES want anonymity! DON’T bring them into camp or class LATE! BLUES are sensitive and assume everyone will be looking at them and talking about them if they walk in after class has begun. BLUES need to arrive early and know exactly what to expect ahead of time to feel good about their circumstances. BLUES only need one or two friends. They take things seriously and are usually excellent students.

GREENS are easy going kids – calm, quiet and usually willing to do whatever they are told. They may not even be aware if you arrive somewhere late. GREENS are laid back and not extremely motivated; so, extra support needs to come from home. GREENS are so nice. They make friends easily.

We just finished our first Drama Camp for the summer. On the first day of camp, each child’s temperament became apparent to me. Also, I observed how they had begun each day made a huge difference in how that day went.

There were the energetic YELLOWS who ran in the door expecting to be famous by the end of the week!

The REDS were hesitant and pensive. They were not sure if I was as smart as they and came slowly through the camp door, checking out the director.

Next, there were the reluctant BLUES, terrified I would point them out or embarrass them the first day. Yet, because BLUES are so conscientious, they usually become my best actors.

The precious GREENS came because mom said, “You are going to Drama Camp this week.” Being such nice obedient kids, they said “okay.”

One of our BLUE campers arrived late the first morning of camp – after everyone else was seated and camp had begun. She was horrified and wouldn’t come join the kids sitting in a circle. It was an unfortunate beginning for this child, who couldn’t shake her embarrassment for the entire day. She crashed and burned because the person who brought her had not been aware of her temperament needs. Day two, she was on time and immediately began participating with the other kids.

Most children will attend school or classes of some sort this Fall. YOU may ensure them a wonderful experience, on the first day, by understanding their temperaments. Subscribe to my blog- FREE- and get my EBook FREE on temperaments!













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