How to Glue a Child to God for Life

I grew up in church and still love God. I am one of the survivors. Many kids, now adults, are not so fortunate.

Why? What’s wrong? What’s missing? How can kids walk away from what has been part of their lives for years and not look back?


Yes, I’ve seen virtually every gimmick to keep kids interested in church; cutting edge marketing tactics, high-tech and low-pressure religious strategies.


Yet, these ploys haven’t made much impact because kids continue to walk away from God. No matter what the church affiliation, economic situation or ethnicity, we have all watched the exodus continue.

More than 12 years ago, I resolved to find a glue to stick a child to Christ, uninterrupted for life. It had to be strong enough to withstand a child’s unpredictable journey through the teen, college and adult years. It had to be guaranteed to adhere through feast, famine or unbelievable pain; a sort of spiritual super glue!

My search resulted in a mind-blowing discovery, shaking me to the very core of my Christian life and ministry existence. The answer was always there, though for so long I never got it.

The glue is worship – worshipping God!

Wait! I do NOT mean the worship ‘as usual’ we’ve thought we have been doing. I’m more convinced than ever worship is the most misunderstood, over used and misused word in the religious world!

Authentic biblical worship, as God intended, produces supernatural adhesive.

Simply put, an authentic worship relationship with God generates glue so strong nothing on Earth will break its hold. Nothing.

If kids are worshipping God, the way God intended and scripture instructs, they don’t walk away from Him! Neither do adults.

But, if it is not taught, it will never work.

If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, pastor or anyone with a child in your life who needs this glue- read my book Teaching Kids Authentic Worship.

Begin today.

You can keep your kids glued to God for LIFE!






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