How About Some Good News?

When the headlines and newscasters are broadcasting doom and gloom, may I suggest you sit down with a couple of kids and engage in conversation?  Enjoy a refreshing break from troubling news.


Throughout my entire adult life, I have been teaching kids – first in church, then schools and also theatre. I have worked with classrooms of 10 to 12 children, a theatre with 50 to 60, to a gymnasium full of 500 kids.

It is the greatest job in the world. Kids light up my life.  May I suggest you give them a chance to brighten yours?


Great joy and truth radiates from a young child. What you see is what you get, and it’s usually good news!

Not only do I teach and tutor kids during the school year, I am also a grandparent. So, when the summer months come, I am still surrounded by happy, fun, uplifting company – at any given moment – when one of the grandkids shows up for a visit.

This week, our three granddaughters (Nancy & Bob’s girls) moved back to California after living a year in Georgia. (Yes, their parents came also)

When we walked into their house for the first meeting, I was squeezed so tightly I thought my breath was completely squished from my body! It was glorious. I haven’t stopped smiling all week.


Our conversations have ranged from planting watermelon seeds, in the backyard, to hearing their new favorite band online, to learning that certain oils can stop mosquito bites from itching, to watching a new dance they created and choreographed on their own.

Did you know that Doc Mc Stuffins has an ambulance complete with a siren and gurney for injured toys? Did you know you can buy a mermaid fin, for swimming, that looks like a real mermaid? Did you realize you absolutely must have screens in Georgia, but can leave the doors open, without screens, in San Clemente?

I heard about church camp and – almost verse by verse – the passage the speaker had taught them for the week. Did I know Proverbs is now my one granddaughter’s favorite book in the whole Bible?

Could I PLEASE take them to the nearest thrift store to look for costumes for a play they want to perform for me?

Their new house has dandelions across the street, so they are going to pick all of them for my desert tortoise. (Mr. Magoo has been visiting our home for 30 years now.)

In just this last week: the days are brighter, the world is a little nicer, the burdens not so heavy, and I am once again reminded of the joy a child brings to this world.

I haven’t watched world news for a whole week! Such good news!

“Children are a gift from God. -Psalm 127:3”





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