Happy Birthday!

Did I mention that I have 10 grandchildren? That means a birthday party celebration almost every month of the year! Our adult children–unfortunately, for them–now take a back seat when it comes to requesting themes and presents. Sofia the First, Jake the Pirate and Princesses rule on birthdays.


For my readers who are beginning to understand temperaments in colors as I teach them, HALLELUJAH! Today is your awakening day. You can usually discover a child’s dominant temperament color by how the child acts on his or her birthday!

Of course, children love their birthdays and deserve a day just for them to be center stage whether RED, YELLOW, BLUE or GREEN. However, by age five or six their temperaments show more clearly on their birthdays.

RED kids love presents but are quick to react unpleasantly, if not prompted beforehand by their parents. They might say, “Oh, I already have this toy” or, “I’d rather have a gift card.” RED children know what they want and usually request it. They are somewhat polite, when you give them a present if they have been taught to be thankful. Still, it is easy to tell if the RED child does not like it. It pains our RED grandchild to go around the room thanking everyone for the gift she received from them. “Pleasantries’’ are so unnecessary to a RED child.

YELLOW kids love presents, parties and people! They entertain the masses as they open presents. YELLOWS love center stage, period. The more people and presents, the better.

Our YELLOW granddaughter put on a performance worthy of an Academy Award last month. As she opened each gift, every guest in the audience thought theirs was truly the most wonderful gift she had ever received in her lifetime. It was a genuine, in-the-moment response with every present she opened. Her party lasted five hours and she was still wired as the last guest left.

BLUE kids love presents, but do not love the attention that goes with the whole party scene. They are uncomfortable with a room full of people watching them open their gifts. They are not good with eye contact when saying thank-you and would rather go somewhere with a few chosen friends for their party than be the center of attention. BLUE children appreciate every gift and easily send thank you notes when prompted.

GREEN kids are the sweetest kids in the world. They are timid but appreciate birthday parties and presents. At our GREEN grandchild’s party, you could barely tell whose birthday it was. She was content letting her siblings open her presents while she just played with everyone. She fell asleep on the floor while the party was still going strong. GREENs are such delightful children.

Question: Does this help you to better understand your child?

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