GREENS Just Want Peace and Quiet

GREENS are NICE and PEACEFUL. They are actually the nicest people you will meet in the world.

If you know someone who seems too nice to be true, you have met a GREEN temperament.

Consistently kind, GREENS make the world a better place. Those with this incredibly nice, peaceful temperament are the real deal.

My brother-in-law married into our family about 40 years ago. From day one, he was the nicest guy I’d ever met. We are a rather loud, vocal family, and I worried how he would adjust. He never had to raise his voice to make a point, or get his opinion across, at family gatherings. I asked my sister if he was like this at home. “What you see is what you get; yes, he is always remarkably calm!” Her smile convinced me she was telling the truth!

To this day, Glenn has been true to the GREEN reputation. He is a peacekeeper who values warm, personal relationships. He is independent, reflective, reliable, steady and NICE. GREENS are good listeners and clear thinkers- but do not usually give advice unless they are asked.

GREENS strive to avoid conflict and confrontation at all costs. Controversy is a peacekeeper’s nightmare. So, to avoid it, they often keep their mouths shut, refraining from voicing objections or opinions. They are content when life is on an even keel and things are running smoothly.

GREENS are well-rounded individuals who are not prone to extremes.

The GREEN temperament is also simple to identify in children. Let me give you an example:


One day all ten of our grandkids were playing at our house.

In the middle of the loud chaos, I looked around and could not see our oldest GREEN grandchild. I knew she was still inside the house, so I checked out all possible spaces on the first floor. Next, I hurried upstairs to search further. I finally found her in my Miss Piggy room, quietly reading a book, all alone, curled up in the corner.

“Are you okay?” I was worried she was not playing with her cousins and sisters. “Mimi, I just need some alone time for a few minutes. It gets really loud when everyone is here.”

Spoken like a true GREEN. She has taught me enormously about GREEN kids. Sophie needs her quiet time, while her YELLOW, RED and BLUE siblings and cousins rarely come up for air for hours at a time. Sophie doesn’t like to be overwhelmed.

GREENS love peace and quiet. They do not function well in loud, volatile surroundings for very long. They are not fond of spontaneous events…they prefer to be forewarned regarding change – if it involves them.

Young GREENS thrive in quiet school classrooms and home situations that have soft-spoken teachers and family members. They enjoy playing with others, but can also play happily alone for hours at a time.

GREENS are the nicest kids in the world. Truly, if anyone has ever described you like this, I promise you are part GREEN.

It is so helpful to recognize this temperament while a child is young, because once the moody teen hormones kick-in, you can decipher which is temperament and which is puberty. GREEN teens are perfectly fine without a breakneck social calendar. Save your counseling dollars, GREENS are content being alone.

My GREEN best friend in junior high school went to church parties with me, only because she knew I wanted so desperately to attend. She would have been quite content with us just staying home listening to records or playing a game.

They are deliberate, not hurried or rushed.

Now that I am an adult, I thoroughly value and enjoy my GREEN friends; they provide a good balance for my sometimes loud, full of activity YELLOW/RED temperament.

GREENS love fun, by the way, they just don’t have to BE the fun!

The kindness of a GREEN is often mistaken for weakness. They have been known to stay in unhealthy relationships too long. BUT- remember this, when GREENS are pushed to their limit, they are capable of walking away from any relationship and not looking back. They have a very quiet STRONG will. They take the path of least resistance whenever possible, but if push comes to shove, a GREEN will quietly and sweetly get their way.

There are negative traits for GREENS, but so few actually notice them! (See the book below for details)

A word of caution, if the rest of us quiet down for a few minutes, the GREEN can actually be heard, and you may even discover their inborn, albeit quiet, quick wit.

What do you notice about the GREENS in your life?

Several portions of the above post copied from The Real You by Vicki Barnes.


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