I love kids.  They fascinate me.

We were surrounded by kids this past weekend. We love it when our ten grandchildren are together in our home; but, this time there were three young cousins in the mix. Our nephew, and his family of five from Sacramento, was visiting also.


I have been tempted to set up a video surveillance camera system for occasions such as this to prove my “temperament” assessments as you watch thirteen children interact.

Out of four total temperaments, the two strongest are RED and YELLOW. They are most recognizable by being loud, bossy and in charge. We had seven, out of 13, in this category.

The remaining six are BLUE and GREEN. They assist, cooperate and enjoy following the leaders. These adorable kids seemed to enjoy the louder ones – each one letting the others BE who they are! (One, at 10 months, appears to be a quiet, sweet, happy GREEN.)

I wish I had been more aware of temperaments when our children were young. It certainly would have been easier to parent them. Our three kids have a combination of all four temperaments.

When you recognize and understand the four temperaments, you know why people act and react as they do! Every person is born with a combination of two of the four temperaments. One temperament is stronger at home, the other stronger outside the home, at work or school.

REDS have a short fuse. They react strongly and are always right! They tend to be loud and forceful – they are dynamic leaders!

YELLOWS are dramatic and passionate. They live for fun. They have extreme highs and lows- thankfully short lived. The more friends, the merrier. They are exciting leaders!

BLUES are intense planners. They see life in black and white. Loyal to the core, they are into details, honest, deeply sensitive and usually quite intelligent.

GREENS are the nicest people in the world. Happy observers in life, they are kind, patient listeners – easy going and comfortable. They are loved by all.

We watched a “tea party” unfold over the course of a few hours. The RED and YELLOW kids were directing. They instructed everyone to dress in costumes (from my lavish costume attic).  The BLUES were setting the table and concerned with the details of the menu. Our BLUE grandkids have created elaborate menus over the years! The little GREENS were cooperating, enjoying every minute.

I watched as the YELLOWS invented conversation, entertained and pretended throughout the entire event as their audience watched. I noticed a couple REDS were the first to become bored and begin their own tea party agenda.

I overheard a BLUE grandchild explaining how we “do things” at Mimi’s and Papa’s house. “There are RULES,” they informed their visiting cousins.

 Another conversation went something like this:

“We will all pretend to be best friends!” (YELLOW/RED)

“Well, this is not actually pretending, we ARE best friends.” (BLUE)

“No, we are cousins.” (RED)

“It’s the same thing; but, we are adding the tea party part!” (YELLOW/RED)

YELLOWS were the first to passionately complain the party was NOT over…as several others got up to exit.  Two little GREENS were the last to leave the tea party table.

I love knowing which children actually want hugs more than others (YELLOWS and BLUES) and knowing which ones I will have to insist on hugging (REDS). GREENS are good either way!!

As children:

REDS make their own rules; so, they need gentle reminders about our house rules.

YELLOWS forget rules easily- out of sight- out of mind!

BLUES are so conscientious and serious about the rules, they will remind others for me.

GREENS never do anything wrong!

If there are children in your life, do yourself a favor and learn about the temperaments.

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