God is Not Mad at You

Out of my granddaughter’s mouth came, “Mimi is just like God!”

Certainly, no irreverence intended; but, the conversation went as follows: “Mimi, are you mad at me because I broke your Christmas candle?” I answered truthfully, “No, I will never be mad at you no matter what you do.”

“But, I know it was your favorite candle,” she said, sadly.


“I can be disappointed or sad; but, I am never mad at my grandkids–ever,” I responded.

“So, you are just like God?” she asked.

I basked in the moment, feeling the warmth of the halo hovering over my head.

Wow! These were such profound words for a seven year old. She already knows this truth about God. He will never be mad at us, or turn His back on us, because of something we may do or say – ever!

Natalie and I continued with the conversation into great seven year old depths, “What if I broke the candle on purpose?  Then, would you be mad?” she asked.

“Nope,” I answered, (wondering for a moment how the broken candle actually happened).

With only a slight frown, she said, “You got really loud.”

“Yes, I was very surprised and upset for a moment, but I’m not mad at you,” I responded with a smile.

I gave her a big hug and made sure she believed me.

I love that kids can easily believe the things we make difficult, from God’s Word. Jesus loved the little children and always welcomed them when He went from town to town, teaching.

I’m certain the kids, who heard Him talk back then, genuinely believed in His teachings. They did not have to analyze or dissect His words, or consider whether they matched up with their own feelings or theological beliefs. Too bad so many adults struggle with this today.

Observe the simple faith of a child. God is not mad at us.

A couple really good books on this may brighten your day. My book, Teaching Kids Authentic Worship, and Joyce Meyer’s God is Not Mad at You.

Read something encouraging and pass it on to someone who may need to hear it too. This is some really Good News for this holiday season!

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