Gifts Grandparents Will Love and Adore

“Kathleen, HELP!  What kind of Christmas gifts do grandparents really love to get from their young grandchildren?” It’s a question I hear so much this time of year, I’ve decided to answer it today in a big and fabulous way.

Homemade Gifts

To me the best homemade gifts are original hand-drawn pictures from the kids. If you don’t have a coloring book handy from which you can rip pages, use plain old computer paper. Give the kids a handful of crayons or markers and tell them you are leaving for Grandma’s house in ten minutes and they can bring her a picture. I love these gifts.

41RzUnKfblLThis Easy Change Artwork Frame is ideal and such a nice gift for grandparents so they can display the grandkids’ artwork elegantly. It’s easy to open the frame and slip in the latest drawing. And this single frame stores up to 50 pieces of artwork. Kids love to see their artwork prominently displayed.

There’s likely no end to the ideas for gifts children can make all by themselves, or with minimal adult help. Here are some more great ideas.

Quite possibly the best child-created grandparent gift ever: At exactly 12 noon every day, my
husband’s iPhone beeps with an “I love you Papa” text. He has received this message 591 days in a row since the first text.


Our number one  granddaughter, Sophie, playing with his new phone, created this message without him knowing. You can imagine his complete delight the next day at noon
when his phone beeped and he saw her text. Five hundred and ninety-one days later, he tells me he feels exactly the same tug on his heart, at noon every day when his phone beeps– no matter where he is or what he is doing.

Such a priceless gift!

Ten-year old Sophie did this by herself, but it can also be done with mommy’s help for younger kids who want to surprise Papa. What a great idea, and such an easy gift. You and your child can create an iPhone (or other smartphone) message like Sophie’s using the “Reminder” feature with your message of choice and the ring tone you desire. Set it to repeat daily and there you go.

Semi-Homemade Gifts 

These gifts are not totally homemade, but not completely store-bought, either. But I’ll promise you, they’re precious as diamonds because they require that the kids get involved in creating the gift.

These are also hand made by the children, but put in a way they will last forever, even if the grandparents  have to line the attic walls with them. It starts the same way, “Let’s make something very special for Mimi, Papa, auntie or whoever.” However, more thought and trouble must go into framing or engraving the artwork, so the grandkid’s parents get kudos, too.


Make a Plate. What a great way to freeze time by capturing a favorite drawing or image into a usable product. Each plate becomes a special keepsake to recall birthdays, holidays, and days in a child’s life, award winning product.




Blank Books. Your kids will love using this hardback blank book or these itty bitty blank books to write their own stories, journals or artworks for Grandma and Grandpa. They’re sturdy to make for the perfect keepsakes.


Store-Bought Gifts

The dollar store is the ideal place for kids to buy gifts for grandparents.  Mainly, because kids love to choose their own gift, this shopping excursion won’t break the bank. And since no one remembers in six months who gave what, throwing it away breaks no hearts.

Okay, seriously, if you want to spend money on grandparents make it meaningful. Stay away from coffee mugs and ties. Now, after my wisdom in cautioning what not to buy, if those two items are STILL the gifts of choice, at least put the kids’ pictures on those mugs or ties.



Hobbies are a wonderful thing for grandparents. If they don’t already collect something, then start a collection for them! This makes gift-giving much easier for kids and grandkids alike.

In our home, Papa loves Duck Dynasty  and Mimi loves Miss Piggy and diamonds. Simple for our kids to find, and so exciting for our grandkids to give.

Since becoming grandparents, our most valued gifts are kid-made or kid-initiated.

Do you catch the personalized theme running through this post?

Our grandkids love coming to our home, seeing their handiwork proudly displayed. Here is my personal hint (I learned the hard way): Hide the initials of each artist on their masterpiece in an inconspicuous place; because, when you least expect it, they will ask if you remember which one THEY made for you.

May I suggest you begin today? The Holidays are coming soon. Work ahead, so you will have a project already started when you need a gift in a hurry. Keep them in a special drawer for occasions to cheer up a sick friend, or encourage a lonely person with a precious gift of a child’s artwork or, for when you suddenly remember it is your mother-in-law’s birthday!


By the way, this craft table is on my Christmas wish list!


More gift ideas? Anyone?

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