Everyone Has a PASSION for Something!

As a young child, my passions varied from designing paper dolls – and, playing next door with my best friend – to decorating my half of the bedroom. (My sister had the other half).

Dictionary definition of the word passion.

Paper dolls came in book form, with the various outfits to be punched out from inside pages. There were never enough clothes included for any ONE paper doll; so, I started designing outfits of my own. This kept me busy throughout summers – even while at our grandparents’ home for two weeks each school vacation.

I’m not sure when my passions switched to real live boys; but, I assure you it happened.

This required strategic and creative thinking at school and church. Looking back, I claimed to loved God…and Jesus, but with not nearly as much passion as I felt about boys.

My passions expanded to musical theatre, fashion, hair styling and FUN toward the end of high school. Of course, there were still…boys. My, I was SO YELLOW.

When I met Duane, all my boy craziness passions landed smack dab on him! How he survived amazes me; because, I am truly a dramatically passionate person! Now, I have become passionate about life in general.

It was soon after our first child was born that something profound shifted within my heart. I was passionate about being a perfect mom. However, something more emerged. I was passionate that my baby would grow up knowing Jesus.

Some major trials had already hit us. We wouldn’t have made it through without our relationship with Jesus. I wanted this for our kids.

Soon after having our three children, my theatre and Jesus passions merged. I began writing songs and plays with a message pointing kids toward Jesus. And, guess what! I still do it today.

Now, my main passion in life is reaching every child (of course this includes our ten grandchildren) with Jesus’ message.  It’s not enough that kids know about Jesus. My hope is they fall in love with Him while they are young – that HE becomes their passion in life.

My serious RED temperament kicked in!

A couple of our grandkids call me the God Mimi. They explained this title helps them decipher between grandmas! I’ll take it! At our house, we pray before snacks and meals and before bed. The stories I tell have a Bible or Jesus theme. We have verses painted on our walls. The plays we act out usually have a message about God. Yes, I love Deuteronomy 6 where it tells us to teach our kids and grandkids the truth of God’s Word.

When your passion involves the God of the Universe, it is difficult to ignore!

Understanding temperaments has enabled me to easily introduce kids to God.  Yes, I am also passionate about temperaments. I love how knowing about them benefits me when teaching so many different kinds of kids.

It took me a lot of years to prioritize my passions. I’m sorry it took so long. I missed out on a lot of blessings. My prayer is that kids become passionate about Jesus at a young age. Life will be so much richer for them when HE is in first place.

Curiously, I asked two of our younger grandkids about what they were most excited- (Explaining passion to them) they answered friends and legos ! I have some work to do!

Remember, everyone is PASSIONATE about something or someone. Find what passions control your kids. You may be surprised!

Two excellent reads:

A Passion for God: The Spiritual Journey of A. W. Tozer

by Dorsett and Arthur Morey

Ignite the Fire: Kindling a Passion for Christ in Your Kids

by Barry St Claire and Carol St Claire





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