Every Child Belongs on Stage- THIS SUMMER!

Putting children on stage changes their lives- forever- when done right. I have been doing this over 35 years and have hundreds, no, thousands of inspirational stories.


Alice had a speech tremor and her parents were hesitant, afraid it would further embarrass her to attempt musical theatre. Guess what? There was no tremor when she sang and danced. Being on stage changed her life forever.

Brett didn’t want to sing in the musical, explaining he was an actor. I suggested he  ‘mouth’ the words to the songs and the audience would never know. One rehearsal he forgot, and sang out loud. He ran to me in the middle of the song, extremely surprised, yelling, “I was wrong! I can sing! I sing really good!” I gave him a solo the next show.

Lois, an extremely quiet girl (I discourage the word shy), stood in the back row the first three rehearsals until auditions forced her to speak aloud. Wow! She not only read her lines beautifully, she left the judges stunned from her expression. She got the lead role.

Nancy, also a very soft spoken five-year-old, read- T’was the Night Before Christmas in a home movie. She was better than Joel Grey in the original 1974 voice over! I put her on stage the following Christmas, and she remained on stage until…oh, right, she is still performing.

kids theatre

So many stories, but even more importantly, so many lives transformed by the confidence this experience generates.

Guess what? Star P.A.K. (Performing Arts Kids) Christian Theatre is having two summer drama camps this summer in Aliso Viejo, CA. Yes, I am directing.

July 13 through 17, ages 5 to 8 years old.

August 10 through 14, ages 8 to 16 years old.

Yes, the eight year old kids can take a starring role in the younger camp, or choose to simply participate in the musical theatre opportunity in the older camp.

If you know of any kids who deserve this experience, please share this with their families immediately.

We have slashed prices, this summer only, because of the phenomenal opportunity to use Coast Hills Community Church’s theatre stage!

Help change a child’s life forever- in a GOOD way! Donate a scholarship!

Find more information and to register for camps  www.starpakforkids.org

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