Do You Understand Your Child?

Every child deserves to be understood. If you are a parent, put effort into recognizing your child’s temperament. I guarantee you will be a better parent, and you will have a happier child and home life.


Babies come out of the womb with pre-dispositions. They are created with a combination of two, out of four, temperaments. The stronger temperament is easily recognized, with the secondary usually more subtle.

I explain temperaments in colors: RED- strong, determined, driven, serious, leader, achiever, aggressive and always right.

YELLOW– fun, friendly, fun, happy, fun, dramatic, fun, loud, tenderhearted and fun.

BLUE– deep, sensitive, thinker, cautious, serious, planner, organized and a loyal friend.

GREEN– quiet, nice, easy, laid back, not picky, unhurried, loves fun and alone time.

Little REDS are capable of issuing orders to you and everyone in the house. They need parents to be the parents. Caution: it may be cute to have gifted toddlers ordering everyone around.  It is no longer cute once they enter a classroom. They can be taught self control by 12 months.

Little YELLOWS have no desire to pick up their toys, or – for that matter – do anything that isn’t fun. They need parents who will teach them obedience at a young age, and incorporate fun whenever possible. Manipulation is their most accomplished attribute.

Little BLUES enjoy order and schedules. They need parents who take time with them one on one. They are easily hurt and frustrated when life throws them curves. Introducing them to those less fortunate helps balance their feelings. These kids are honest and caring.

Little GREENS are so easy and perfect. If he/she is a first child, the parents’ tendencies are to be smugly confident their parenting skills are genius. Oh, excuse me, this wasn’t supposed to be about my personal experience; but, it is exactly what happened to me. These kids do have faults.  It just takes a long time to find them. A quiet, strong will emerges when you least expect it.

My e-book on the temperaments, as well as a temperament test, is available FREE with a subscription to my blog. (after you subscribe, two emails from me later, and they are yours)

A more comprehensive book on temperaments, I highly recommend, is The Real You by Vicki Barnes.

Do yourself a favor.  Read up on the temperaments and REALLY enjoy your kids!

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