The Color of Prayer

I do not like hospitals. I do not like visiting hospitals and especially dislike being admitted to them. The smells make me weak in the knees. The circumstances are usually unpleasant; and, the uniforms are very unattractive. This fact alone convinced me decades ago I would not want employment in such a place.

boy and teddybear in bed

I doubt this is a temperament thing. I think it is a combination of having had a sick dad most of my life, which led to spending countless hours in a place that was not ‘fun’ and, eventually, could not fix him.

I went to a hospital this morning to pray with a precious little GREEN girl who was having an emergency appendectomy. Praying with one of my favorite kids takes precedence over my distain of hospitals. I drove through the entrance gate, pulled out the parking ticket and found my way to the information desk. I was photographed, handed a badge and sent to fifth floor pediatrics–surprisingly, without noticing any unpleasant odors.

Her smile lit up the hospital room as I came through the door.  Okay, it was an unusually loud arrival because the door was stuck, and I pushed too hard, actually crashing against the doorstop and something else, thus interrupting the nurse giving pre-op instructions.

I had everyone’s attention.

I smiled, bowed and basked in the moment. My YELLOW grand entrance actually made the precious child laugh aloud.  That was something her GREEN mommy had desperately needed to hear today.

I think God is funny. I am convinced He created the four temperaments to serve certain purposes only He knows, and understands, in any given circumstance.

The time came for the attendants to wheel her to surgery; so, they put her on a gurney. They had started down the hallway when it dawned on me I had not prayed with her yet. My RED ran down the hallway after the gurney, apologizing to everyone and asking them to stop so we could pray, before she went into the elevator.  Holding her hand and talking with the Creator of the universe was the most important priority on my agenda today.

So many aspects of each temperament play into our behavior throughout every day. My YELLOW/RED came in handy today, causing smiles, conveying love and successfully accomplishing the most powerful communiqué known to humankind…prayer.

By the way, the young patient came through surgery with flying colors.

Question: Do you have any great prayer stories?

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