HELP with Christmas Shopping for Kids and Grandkids!

Let me help!

YES! In answer to your questions, I am an intentional, experienced shopper! Let me help you!


With six kids (includes our three and their spouses), ten grandkids under age 13 and nephews and nieces all over the country, I love to Christmas shop! I take it seriously. A gift should benefit the recipient. I stick to my budget, and get meaningful presents so they enjoy each one. Truth be told, I started in August.

First, I LOVE books! In a world dominated by technology, I want the kids in my life to hold, read and love BOOKS too!

After extensive research, here are some of my very favorites:

Ages 2 to 4:

The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers by Crystal Bowman

Each reading pairs a precious illustration with a short Bible verse and devotional thought that gets you and your child talking about God! (Kids over 4 still love this book.)

Ages 5 to 9

Dinosaurs Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne

Young brother and sister, Jack and Annie, (having HUGE imaginations) travel back in time to a place where they encounter all sorts of dinosaurs from giant T-Rex to crowd-pleasing Triceratops!

(This is an entire series your kids will love!)

Ages 9 to 13

The Borrowers by Mary Norton

This is the classic story–read and loved by children all over the world–of Pod, Homily, and their daughter, 14-year-old Arrietty, who live under the kitchen floor in a quiet, half-empty house and get their livelihood by borrowing from the “human beans!”

(Adults, look out – these are contagious!)


You Were Made to Make a Difference by Max Lucado

Nail biter real-life stories teens will love. They will learn God can use them to make a difference right now!

(Once they start this book, they won’t want to put it down!)

Adult kids

Teaching Kids Authentic Worship by Kathleen Chapman

(The best book out there on the topic!)

You are very welcome! More gift ideas to follow!

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