Kids are Like Jello

Someone once said that a child’s mind is like Jello. You need to fill it up with lots of good stuff before it sets!

Photo Credit: TheKitchn

Photo Credit: TheKitchn


Kids are not born with character traits like honesty, responsibility, reliability, kindness and compassion. Parenting is about developing character in children from a very early age and in keeping with their individual temperaments.

Whether a RED, YELLOW, BLUE or GREEN child, every essential value in life must be taught. Nothing comes naturally to children except sin. Okay, I will stop there- and now empower you for today.

Each temperament struggles with certain negative traits. (I was shocked when I realized that even YELLOWS have negative traits!)

As parents, it is not just a duty, but it is actually an exciting privilege for us to recognize and harness these behaviors, yes, turning them into positive traits.

Let me give you examples of what I mean:

A RED child is always RIGHT. They do not need to obey anyone. Therefore, humility and respect are first on my teaching to do list for little REDs.

YELLOW children have a weak moral compass, which allows them to easily lie and cheat. They do not want to obey anyone. First character lesson is teaching them the significance of truth.

A BLUE child will struggle with selfishness, i.e. the need to have things that belong to just them. They want to know why they should obey.  Teach a little BLUE that sharing is not necessarily “giving up their things.” Sharing helps us to be a good friend.

The GREEN child will naturally put his or her own agenda before others, becoming quite oblivious to the rules. They quietly and sweetly do exactly what they want, period. Teach them to think about and act on the interests and needs of others in their choices and decision-making.

Face it. Kids are usually so cute and adorable that it’s difficult to believe that a less than perfect outcome is possible. Nevertheless, it is. Every child requires a loving parent who will teach them character, to fill their minds before they’ve set!

John Wooden, one of the greatest coaches of all time said,

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

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