Change a Life—Put a Child on Stage!

Sean was an unlikely leading man. His 4th Grade school teacher cautioned me regarding certain learning struggles. I thought a lead role might catapult his self-image to new heights.

I auditioned the child, he got the part. Months later my prediction came true.

For 18 weeks of rehearsals, the world watched. He actually looked different physically, as weeks progressed. His mom said he got up without any hesitance in the mornings. He cared what he wore to school. He combed his hair and started brushing his teeth twice a day without her prompting. He was uncharacteristically more confident, even before opening night arrived.


The play opened and Sean received rave reviews. However, more than just an audience pleaser, his teacher, principal, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles saw it as an astounding miracle unfolding before their eyes.

Sean’s performance was flawless. As he took his bow, his face displayed a smile unlike any they had ever seen before.

School was never the same for Sean. Bullies did not faze him anymore, and there had been many. He received invitations to classmate’s birthday parties. That year he finished with a ‘b’ average. It was higher than any year previously.

He is finishing high school now, with excellent grades, even serving on School Council.

To those skeptics out there, who consider drama or theatre to be less than academics’ for a child’s development, talk to Sean’s family.

I’m always asked, “How young can we start a child on stage?” The earlier the better for lasting results.

Our personal family physician, Dr. Ande Roberson shares her story:

When I was six years old, I acted in my first stage production. The night of the performance, my mother dressed me in a pink and purple vest with matching balloon pants she had made just for the show. Then she draped the Miss Pakistan ribbon across my chest. The play was a tribute to the children of the world, and we sang ‘Let There Be Peace on Earth.’ I had three lines.

“That night, I felt like the most special little girl out of ALL the children of the world. And most of all, I was awed by the excitement of being on stage. I don’t remember much else about being six years old, but I will never forget that play.” 

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