Can You Pin-Point Your Passion in Life?

What is your true PASSION in life? I have heard it said, if you spend your life doing what you are PASSIONATE about- you’ll never have to work one day!

Most of my life has been spent working with kids. Kids theatre, kids ministry and teaching church school. I love working with kids. I figured working with kids was my passion.

However, I have a dark secret. A secret I have struggled with for decades and finally I need to come clean.

Over the years, I have had a love/hate relationship with ‘Vacation Bible School’. I dread it every summer. Summertime Vacation Bible Schools’ are intentionally geared to engaging kids for a fun week, with a goal of reaching young hearts for Jesus.

So what has been my struggle with VBS these past decades?

Maybe its because hundreds of kids- screaming- for three solid hours of non-stop excitement every day is not my idea of fun? Hard to believe, I know. I love the crazy fun element, so that part wasn’t my problem. Also, I am a bit of a control freak…but many of those years I was actually in charge of VBS, so that isn’t the issue.

I was clueless.

Last week was another VBS at our church. The past two months they spent finding volunteers. I tried to run and hide… once again I was recruited, and I reluctantly said yes.

I called my best friend to tell her I was teaching VBS this summer and she said, “You are doing WHAT? Are you crazy? You can’t stand VBS!”

“I know, I don’t know how this happened again!”

God is so funny. He has His plan and it doesn’t matter if you try and hide.

He knew this year would be amazingly different.

This time I was asked to do something so exceptionally simple. “Would I teach the Bible Story every day?”

Usually my VBS involvement includes weeks of preparation. Directing ten people in dramas involving rehearsals, costume changes, scene changes- then more rehearsals before the actual VBS even begins. There are details…scripts, props, schedules, phone calls, lists, thank you notes and prizes required.

This time they simply asked me to teach the Bible Story.

I would be teaching five rotations of kids every day. 250 kids ages five to 11 would come through my room each day for five days. A new Bible story each day, and I would teach each group age appropriate variations of the story as they came through.

That’s it?

Shock of all shocks! I was excited! I felt my PASSION pin-point! I could not wait to read the stories I would be teaching!

You see, Vacation Bible School, by its very nature is all about details! DETAILS!

Thousands and thousands of intricate details for hundreds of kids each and every day that must be carefully executed in each craft, segment and snack individually constructed for every child. Every 30 minutes the venue changes and the entire production must run like a well oiled machine in order for success each day! The schedule was set in stone.

I am a YELLOW temperament! Details are my worst enemy and nightmare! Schedules and charts break me out in rashes. Why did I never see this before now?

For years I have been trying to do something that was extremely hard for me- I was trying to help in areas that were not comfortable or fun. I foolishly assumed because I was a “kid person” I should enjoy working the VBS circuit year after year, never admitting out loud I did not want to be there!

VBS wasn’t the culprit, I was not working in my area of passion!

Last week, I had the most fun I’ve ever had at any VBS in my life! I did not have to keep lists, pass out anything, keep track of details or count anything. Sounding seriously shallow, I was in my element, with an adoring audience of kids rotating through my room every 30 minutes. I was free to teach God’s Word with all the drama and excitement found on every page and I injected this excitement to the kids as they listened to God’s stories!

Thinking about my true passion- it must be TEACHING kids about God!

I suddenly realize I don’t love fun just for the sake of fun. I don’t love teaching stories because I can be dramatic. I don’t just love kids theatre because its theatre. I am driven by any element that teaches KIDS about God!

This is my PASSION!  Period.

Every YELLOW has to enjoy what they do in order to do it well. Every RED needs to take charge and achieve something profound! BLUES need to accomplish something for which they can be appreciated! GREENS have to feel peace and contentment in order to enjoy life.

Let the BLUES take care of the VBS details, let the REDS run the VBS productions, let the GREENS love on the VBS kids- and now I see the YELLOWS can have their own VBS brand of fun- they just need to find their passion!

What an epiphany!

What do you love to do? What is so fun you will get up early or stay up late to do it?

Pin point your PASSION and do it! You will truly enjoy the rest of your life!





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